10 Features to Look for in Your Next Meditation Pillow

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1 10 Features to Look for in Your Next Meditation Pillow

The practice of meditation has grown in the western world over the past couple of decades. While meditation has been used in many places for centuries, a larger population has recently discovered the benefits. To enhance the meditation experience, many practices choose to make themselves more comfortable by using pillows or cushions.

Being free to focus on the relaxation and mindfulness of your meditation is an essential part of your development. Using the right tools like a meditation pillow can help you to be in the moment and delve into your inner self with more ease.

Your meditation practice should be an intensely personal journey, and your choice of tools will complement your routine. From finding the right guru style meditation pillow to finding the right environment in which to practice, each person will find the proper routine for you. Let’s take a closer look at a few features to consider for your next meditation pillow.

Material Filling

Choosing the right filling material for your meditation pillow is essential. Buckwheat hulls are a durable and affordable alternative filling. You can customize how much filling you want for your pillow for the ultimate comfort. Buckwheat hulls are hypoallergenic, remain clean, and can be renewed with a quick fluff in the dryer.

Cover Material

2 10 Features to Look for in Your Next Meditation Pillow

You will want to choose a cover material for your pillow that is durable yet soft and comfortable to the touch. A meditation pillow with a removable cover that can be thrown in the wash is ideal for those who use their pillow daily. Cotton pillow covers are generally hypoallergenic, easy to care for, and available in many styles and colors.


Your meditation pillow should be customizable for your comfort. Having access through a series of buttons or a zipper to your pillow's inside will help you replace or remove some of the filling. Easy access will help you create a meditation pillow that helps your practice be perfectly comfortable.

Sustainable Manufacturing

As a responsible consumer, it’s up to you to ensure that your meditation pillow is made with sustainable manufacturing practices. Mass-produced pillows are often inferior in quality and durability. Choosing a hand-made meditation pillow will ensure that you get the highest quality product.


The average size for a meditation pillow is between 12” to 15” in circumference and 6” to 10” high. You may want to have a variety of pillows in different sizes and shapes to suit the different types of meditation practices that you enjoy. Your comfort should be a priority, so you must try out various pillow sizes until you find the one that is working for you.


The shape of your meditation pillow will depend on the style of practice that you enjoy. Most Zafu pillows are rounded and the most common shape of meditation pillows. A rounded meditation pillow can be used for kneeling, sitting, or laying down.


Cotton meditation pillow covers are extremely versatile for dying any color. The color that you choose will depend on your style, the color of your meditation space, and a pattern that brings you peace. If you use your meditation pillow daily, you may want to avoid light colors like beige or white that will show dirt and wear easily. If your meditation pillow is filled with vibrant and bright colors, it’s important to wash your cover in cold water to avoid bleeding.


Having a meditation pillow equipped with convenient pockets can help you enjoy your practice. Pillows with pockets give you a place to store your phone that is loaded with all your favorite guided meditation or a place to store the crystals that help you focus on your inner journey. You can also use your pillow pockets as a place to put your hands during your practice to bring you comfort and stability.


A meditation pillow that is easy to carry wherever you need it is a bonus. You may want to take your pillow with you to a guided meditation class or around your home, with a handle making it easier to transport. Your pillow handle should be sturdy and secure for the best durability factor.

Storage Options

One of the great things about a buckwheat meditation pillow is removing the stuffing easily for simple storage. If you are moving, you can empty your pillow for the move to reduce the weight and size and refill it when you get to your destination.

Choosing the right meditation pillow is a highly personal choice. Consider these factors to help you find the right meditation pillow for you.

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