Casinos and Comedy - Pics to Hit the Jackpot

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Gambling can be traced back to ancient times; humans have always enjoyed the thrill of trying to guess the right answer and be rewarded. This popularity has led to many casinos opening all over the world, offering sophistication, glamour and a glimpse of potential wealth.

However, there are times when behaviour in casinos gets a little wacky, with the outcome being more freaky than fantastic. Without further ado, here’s a collection of some of the funniest casino-related images pulled together by online casino site, PartyCasino.

#1: It’s a Dog’s Life

1 Casinos and Comedy - Pics to Hit the Jackpot

There’s not much in life which isn’t improved by the presence of dogs - other than a cat show! - and that’s certainly the case in this example. You don’t normally see many canines at casino tables, but here we have five of them playing a game of poker.

The piece is titled A Bold Bluff but it looks to us as if some of the other players might have rumbled the ruse!

#2: Catching Some Beauty Sleep

2 Casinos and Comedy - Pics to Hit the Jackpot

Poker tournaments can last for a long time, so it’s not surprising that some of the players might start to feel a bit tired as the games progress. However, not many put their head on their arms and take a full-blown nap at the table!

By the way the dealer is taking it in his stride, perhaps it’s not so unusual after all - and the player has a huge stack of chips in front of him, so all of the winning has obviously worn him out!

#3: Everyone Loves to Play - No Exceptions

3 Casinos and Comedy - Pics to Hit the Jackpot

Keeping your face neutral so that your opponents can’t read your expression is an important part of playing card games, but what happens if you wear your heart on your sleeve? These players may have just found the answer, with fun masks that allow them to hide what’s really going on.

Of course, we’re assuming they are masks - maybe Darth Vader really did take a break from battling the rebels to visit a casino and have some fun…?

#4: Sharing the Good News

4 Casinos and Comedy - Pics to Hit the Jackpot

Everyone is familiar with the phrase “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” - but does that really apply to casino wins too? While you’re not necessarily going to be bragging about winning a small prize, if you hit the jackpot you could well be tempted to share the exciting news - and what better way than through the power of social media!

#5: A Special Relationship

5 Casinos and Comedy - Pics to Hit the Jackpot

It’s not uncommon for players to get attached to a certain slot machine in a casino, viewing it as “their” machine and reluctant to let anyone else play on it. But how do you stop anyone claiming the spot while you’re not there?

This guy had a simple solution: don’t leave it unattended! We’re not exactly sure how a mattress ended up on the casino floor but stranger things have happened!

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