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Why is Poker So Much Fun to Play?

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  • 15 Mar, 2021  |
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1 Why is Poker So Much Fun to Play?

Poker is by far the most popular card game in the world, it is played online, in homes, and in casinos either for fun or for money by millions of people all over the world. Compared to other traditional casino gambling games it doesn’t require long to learn but can take years of practice to become good and win money. Since the game was invented it has gone through some transformations but now the most popular form of poker is Texas Hold’em both in traditional casinos and online gambling sites.

With the access that we now enjoy via the internet, poker has become even more popular with amateurs and professionals using sites like Blitz Poker becoming increasingly popular with games and tournaments being played every hour of every day of the year. The online sites for poker also offer the chance to play for free and hone your skills before playing for real money making them a great place to start and begin enjoying yourself.

Poker is a Very Social Game to Play

Whether it is in your home with friends, online gambling, or playing in a casino poker is a very sociable interactive card game. The only drawback for serious players playing online is the lack of being able to try and read the “Poker Face” of an opponent but with an interactive chat room during most games, you can still communicate with other players from all over the world. Potentially making new friends especially with the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown measures in place in many countries it is a great social and fun activity.

Apart from the current situation, we find ourselves currently inviting colleagues, friends, or relatives around to the house for a game of poker and some food and drinks whilst chatting and playing is a great way of entertaining your guests. Online poker whilst not having the same social interaction is still fun whilst you try to work out your opponent’s strategy by watching and interacting with them by using the chat room.

Poker is Not Just Fun it Can be Good for Your Health Also

With long hours often spent at virtual or physical tables, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and regularly take breaks stretching your legs and back the same as you would in any office working environment. Poker does have help to train your brain in mathematics, psychological analysis, and awareness. Poker can also help to stimulate the brain helping not just with your poker game but in everyday tasks.

Professional players develop discipline, focus, patience, and concentration techniques that are all skills that can be applied outside of playing poker and can lead to a more productive and positive life. The maths skill required for serious players is something that is usually developed over time but obviously is very helpful when playing and life in general.

Is it Necessary to Play For Money to Have Fun?

Playing real money compared to free games is usually more fun, the excitement levels in a game are increased and the incentive to win is obvious. That doesn’t mean you need to place large bets to have real fun, betting small still improves the level of fun as you have more interest in the game. For beginners, it is still advised that you practice on the free virtual tables first and progress to the paid tables after you have learned more strategies that poker players need to have fun and be successful.

Most people do not make a living playing for money from poker alone but do it for the love and fun of the game, after all, that’s how most people get into card games and especially poker whether it is online or traditional casino gambling. If you feel a dollar bet makes it more fun and interesting and you can afford to play then enjoy yourself and maybe you can make some money along the way.


Gambling on poker for most people is supposed to be a fun game to play and so long as you don’t get carried away with winning or losing it is enjoyable. The social aspect especially now that we are restricted in our movements is incredibly helpful for many people as a way to still have social interaction with other people outside of our homes. Poker is inherently a social game and so long as it’s not taken too seriously is great fun and helps to keep your mind focused not just on the poker game but can help with life in general.

Enjoy playing poker but if you are playing for money stay within your limits and have fun, it can be easy to lose more than you intended and that is one way to ensure you that you lost sight of the game and that is to have fun.

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