Turkish Soldier Gives Chocolate To Syrian Kid

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  • 1 May, 2018  |
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№1 Author: Antacid (2 May 2018 01:29) Total user comments: 219

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It must be crazy the world that child views through his eyes. No tv, Xbox, sky tv, sweet shop, play park, not even trees. Every child deserves a good chance in life. You gotta feel how once he opens those wrappers the taste sensation if never experienced before will be amazing. Kinda deep, I know but it's a powerful clip if you really watch it. :)
№2 Author: zach8 (2 May 2018 10:57) Total user comments: 588

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Your words Mr. Antacid are very inspiring and true, but regarding this video.....this could very well be a fake.
How can I be sure this is a Syrian kid? it could very well be a Turkish one. They have this kind of populations in the far east of the country.
From the very very little Turkish I know, I could make out the "come here, have this, enjoy" and that kind'a thing.
We don't even see more than the guy's hand. How do I know it's a soldier?
Lacking any other info, I can't realy take this video seriously.
Even more so when it is made to work as a propaganda video for the world's most douchebagy country (Turkey).

I mean, come on.....is there any country in the world who doesn't think Turkey is a douchebag country?
(Except Turkey itslef?? 07 07 )

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