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Harvey Weinstein Attacked At Scottsdale Restaurant

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  • 12 Jan, 2018  |
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№1 Author: Barron Keisel (12 Jan 2018 02:06) Total user comments: 330

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We're not talking a knockout blow unfortunately
№2 Author: Bobby (12 Jan 2018 12:11) Total user comments: 1475

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Let me understand one thing.
For years a lot of movie stars were herassed by this guy. Herassment meaning they slept with him to get roles in his movies and make millions of dollars.
As far as I know, that's pretty much being whores.
Now, all of a sudden, after they made hundreds of millions, after more than 10 years later, they decide to join that woman on her herassment accusations.
So from simple whores they now evolved into lying, hypocritical whores.
№3 Author: kryptor (12 Jan 2018 14:34) Total user comments: 4839

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2 wrongs don't make a right. This is vigilante justice. Meaning assault.
As in a crime.
Let the courts convict him.
№4 Author: Antacid (13 Jan 2018 20:42) Total user comments: 219

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I agree with Bobby. It's the first thing I said about the 'news' if you could call it that when it broke.
Anyway. Yes, they knew what they were doing, they allowed it to happen. It doesn't matter if he offered a contract for a blow job or more. I'm not religious, but I use a statement.. If you sell your soul to the devil, don't be shocked when he fails to return it. A girl or guy even, with respect for themselves will regretfully decline such offers. But the reality of this guy? How young or such like were some of these women or girls? There is a difference between a sexually active male, a pervert, a rapist and a pedophile. Not that I'm branding him but considering his finger dipping in sweets and getting away with it, did he them start robbing bars, drinks or even doing hold ups because he felt invincible? Think a out what I'm saying. Criminals are ONLY sorry once their caught. Before this happens they strut around like a stud horse.

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