Motorcyclist Lands On The Trunk Of The Car

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№1 Author: YdieresiS (23 May 2017 11:04) Total user comments: 101

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That motor driver was driving way to fast asside that lane of cars. He had to acknowledge himself of the possibility of cars switching lanes. You learn that in you drivers lessons for motor cycling in Holland. Defensive driving that is called. The car had to look, but the motor driver is not totally correct either.
№2 Author: Bobby (23 May 2017 16:14) Total user comments: 1475

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First of all, I see there is a continuous line between the biker's lane and the one from which the car comes.
So that's the cars fault totally.

But the final message should " watch out for bikers driving really fast".
Because if they drive way too fast, it is impossible to see them before changing lanes.
It takes 2-3 seconds to change a lane completely and another 2-3 seconds for the biker to realize you're on his lane. Without counting his breaking period of another 2-3 sec.
If he drives with 150 km/h, he will travel 250 metters from the moment in which you change the lane.
If you're driving 70 km/h, you will travel about 110 metter.
So imagine you have to estimate a biker's speed from 140 metters away just by looking in the rear view mirror.
No too easy, isn't it?

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