Few Inches From Crash

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№1 Author: zach8 (22 Dec 2016 11:28) Total user comments: 588

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This looks weird. I mean, OK he saved it but he braked literally at the last moment.
He is sitting 2 meters above ground and he's able to see way ahead at least a kilometer, the curve is not obstructed in any way, and yet he doesn't slow down from far away. Unless the small truck swerved in the last moment. But the small truck's driver was out, so it must have been there long enough for the rig's driver to see it.
See, that's why we need to look ahead as far as possible. Only good things can happen if we know where we're going.
And also, accelerating instead of braking saved the day. That right there is pure phisics. The trailer didn't slow down enough and had more momentum than the truck, so it wanted to go on moving.
Accelerating the truck, increased it's momentum putting things back where they were before.
Good job but he'd be dumb if he didn't learn a lesson from it.

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