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Cobra Attack Helicopters Firing On Turkish Police Vehicles

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  • 21 Jul, 2016  |
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№1 Author: kryptor (21 Jul 2016 11:59) Total user comments: 4840

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Now Erdoğan will use this coup attempt to purge even more people who oppose his plans for Turkey.
Kemal Ataturk threw out the old Ottam Empire and founded the Republic of Turkey in 1923 and replaced religious rule with western democracy. It brought about great modernization and secular freedoms. Now Erdogan is slowly bringing religion as government back and people are not happy.
№2 Author: Ergoren (23 Jul 2016 20:34) Total user comments: 11

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"People are not happy" ???

I'm from Turkey and I'm happy. (No, Erdoğan isn't here, pointing a gun to my head.)

People saved Turkey's government from the coup. Erdoğan is first ever selected president of Turkey. Whoever doesn't want to Erdoğan or AK Party to rule our country, please form a democratic party and join elections. We believe democracy, we believe freeedom.

If Al Qaida penetrated your army and staged a coup attempt what would you do?

If US Congress was bombed while Congressmen were making statements against the coup attempt what would you do?

If three helicopters carrying SEALs (CROs) attacked a hotel in Florida minutes after the President left what would you do?

If Joint chief of staff was tortured by his closest staff to make a statement supporting the coup what would you do?

If tanks shut down George Washington Bridge and infantry opened fire on civillians what would you do?

If NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox studios were raided by soldiers and anchors were forced to read coup statements under gun threat what would you do?

If Air Force flew low and fast over Washington DC, creating sonic bombs, to scare civilians what would you do?

If CIA and FBI HQs were attacked by helicopters and agents were killed what would you do?

If Pentagon was bombed by fighter jets what would you do?

If snipers opened fire at peaceful protesters and killed them what would you do?

If you had to lay down before tanks to stop them what would you do?

If you friends were run over by tanks what would you do?

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