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Manikin Dance

  • Category: Video  |
  • 22 Jun, 2015  |
  • Views: 2489  |
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№1 Author: Late (22 Jun 2015 00:50) Total user comments: 294

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Fake. I reckon it's a real person.

Move over, Sherlock. You got some real competition here...
№2 Author: Bitofinger (22 Jun 2015 01:48) Total user comments: 748

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Manikin? AC, was that intentional, or are you a bunch of illiterate f*cks?

Uh oh... can't say f*ck here anymore, I guess. Too many illiterate f*cks must have had their feelings hurt.

What about cunt? Ass? Cock? Douche bag? Retard?

Well apparently those aren't as bad as saying f*ck. Phuquing idiots.
№3 Author: Bruce Burbank (22 Jun 2015 07:49) Total user comments: 397

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Whoa, hang on there a sec, Bitofinger.

First of all, understand that the people who run AC are Russian, so English is a second language to them. While their English is by and large very good, every once in a while they'll make some grammatical or spelling error. No big deal. Not the end of the world. Deal with it.

Secondly, at least one internet source shows that manikin is actually an acceptable alternative spelling for mannequin. So before you get all high and mighty and start spitting your abusive vitriol at people who don't deserve it, you might want to do some research first.
№4 Author: Bitofinger (23 Jun 2015 03:55) Total user comments: 748

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Bruce Burbank,

Well now, isn't that a surprise? Another totally clueless person in the world! If I'm not mistaken, that makes 7bn out of 7bn+1. Okay, maybe 2, myself not withstanding.

Let me outline the errors of your ways:
1) No one said anything about the end of the world, except you, that is
a. Overreaction
b. Hyperbole
c. Sense of humor fail
2) Deal with it
a. Machoism
b. Testosterone-induced posturing
i) Regardless of male or female
3) Failure to credit my question of whether the mistake was intentional or not
a) Focused on singular response
b) Failure to understand reason behind comment
4) You accuse me of being high and mighty, yet you quote Wikipedia, ostensibly to set the record - and me - straight
a) Hypocrisy; 'nuff said
5) These people don't deserve my abusive vitriol
a) How do you know?
b) Not the end of the world
c) The retarded sh*t sometimes posted on this site could make the banjo player from Deliverance lose several I.Q. points

But, I digress. Have a nice day. 21

P.S. Uh-oh! sh*t is now controlled by the chat police; better curtail my usage. I henceforth do solemnly swear to fornicate and defecate rather than f*ck and sh*t!

P.P.S. Before you spout off a rebuttal asking why if the defecation wreaks with such odor do I visit this site, my answer is simply this: were it not for human stupidity, there would be no entertainment left in the world. Therefore, yes, I am guilty of wanting to watch the circus as well as pissing and moaning about the freak show's perpetuity; hypocrisy writ large. Have a second nice day.

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