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Dennis Quaid Freak Out

  • Category: Video  |
  • 15 Apr, 2015  |
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№1 Author: Bitofinger (15 Apr 2015 03:16) Total user comments: 748

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No surprise here; typical egomaniac psycho freak. Most actors are far different not only from the characters they portray, but also from their self-made persona, which is a total sham. Three words prove this point beyond any doubt: Orenthal James Simpson.
№2 Author: AndRuinsEverything (15 Apr 2015 07:42) Total user comments: 142

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Orenthal James Simpson is your end-all argument to prove actors are egomaniacs?

I mean, I'm aware of his Naked Gun roles, but I'm not sure that vaults OJ to Dennis Quaid status or qualifies his criminal convictions of the behavior of a "typical egomaniac psycho freak." Ex-athlete cum actor cum accused murderer is not the same as "that dude from Inner Space" blowing his lid at some assistant director...
№3 Author: Bitofinger (17 Apr 2015 19:04) Total user comments: 748

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No, and as is typical for someone it seems is looking for something to disagree with, you have missed my point entirely, which was this: People are sublimely stupid, and tend to think of actors in the light they portray themselves.

Simpson was the end-all argument demonstrating that we should draw a broad line between fantasy and reality, and realize these people are fallible humans, just like you and me. I neither said nor implied all actors are egomaniacs.

John Lennon is another great example. Everyone has this ridiculous and idealistic image of the persona he created, yet he was not the man people think he was, as Paul McCartney and the other Beatles have said many times. In truth he was most likely a wife-beater, alcoholic, drug addict, not to mention an egomaniac.

Yet after Lennon's death, who is not only continuing to espouse but benefiting from his Love-is-All-You-Need image? Why, his formerly-beaten widow, of course! The film The U.S. vs. John Lennon was a strictly choreographed, well scripted and tightly controlled version of David vs. Goliath. Controlled by who? The person who owns all the ancillary rights in perpetuity to Lennon's images and life story, of course! Well at least she is now getting payback for those bruises.

So there you have it; lies on top of lies, until it's almost impossible to distinguish truth from fantasy. Perhaps now you will see my point?

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