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Terrifying Gas Station Explosion In Russia

  • Category: Video  |
  • 13 Aug, 2014  |
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№1 Author: maiz99 (14 Aug 2014 03:53) Total user comments: 152

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how come the know it's gonna blow up but no firefighters come? :88:
№2 Author: Tomaz86 (14 Aug 2014 17:45) Total user comments: 10836

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More another day "common" in Russia. :05:
№3 Author: Lu (14 Aug 2014 22:07) Total user comments: 15126

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Why was he taking the video?
Three, sometimes four rows of cars.
Then, a few seconds before the explosion, all traffic vanished.
It was ignited in the road, then only to the garage.
No cops, no nothing.
№4 Author: ClabbeSwe (15 Aug 2014 00:41) Total user comments: 247

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From what I see I can answer most questions for you guys

The reason he is filming is because petrol is leaking all over the place from the right of the gas station.
You can see it at 0:10 in the movie. Lots of gas pouring out to the right and onto the road. What looks like steam is actually waves in the petrol.

At 0:33 a guy with red clothing on top, comes running from the right towards gas station.

At 0:47 silver Lada (I think) comes to look at the leaking gas and stops.

At 0:50 the guy in red runs off again to the right, probably to stop traffic. I think there are more people stopping traffic all around at this point.

At 1:03 last car goes past gas station as all other cars are stopped.

At 1:15 hot exhausts or spark from the silver Lada ignites petrol on the ground. The fire moves towards engine and explodes in engine compartment where probably petrol pump is located. Tank of the silver Lada does not explode as the petrol is in confined space with to less oxygen to ignite and explode.

At 6:44 you can hear the sirens of police/firetrucks/ambulance closing in.

If the driver of the silver Lada hadn't stopped, or kept his car going, the explosion probably wouldn't have happened.
Darwin awards anyone?

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