Subaru WRX Pulls Heavy Police RWD Car

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№1 Author: zulowski (11 Feb 2014 18:42) Total user comments: 0

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Classic Polish Comedy

Ty, gliny za nami jad - dodaj gazu tylko powoli


Translation :
-For safe weekend, Waldemar
-For safe.
-Ok Waldemar, are we going?
-Jerry, we are here to lookout for safety in this country, we will not drive drunk.
-So how are we going back?
-Dont Worry.
-Oh fck, police, hide the pipe.
-Goodmorning driver, you need to help us.
-Bombel, don't sleep!
-I'm not sleeping.
-We go and go, and it suppost to be near Warszawa.
-Yo, Laska, Police is driving behind us.
-Accelerate, but slowly.
-Theyre still behind us, they must know we have pipe!
-Pedal to the metal, we have to loose them.
-It cant go any faster

Classic Polish Comedy
№2 Author: lepetitrat (13 Feb 2014 18:23) Total user comments: 66

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Classic Polish guy...
Thinks that Poland is the centre of the world and has to brag about it all the time even if nobody cares... :13:

This is classic Polish comedy that is funny among Poles... Probably not funny for anybody else...


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