'Iron Man 3' Official Trailer

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№1 Author: babis (8 Mar 2013 20:35) Total user comments: 0

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I've seen a lot of bulshit in my life, and I men A LOT,
but this kind of meaningless destruction in films that keep injecting the American Logic :
-Peace must come through war, destruction and Guns
is beyond all the bulshit I've seen in my life. We used to make fun of John Rambo, we still do(in a way), and I thought that that 'Era' in film industry had died since Internet was invented and everyone could realise that 'one man campains' or 'one country campains' (war that is), does not work anymore. Here we are again, craving for more destruction, deaths, anarchy, bullets, blood, explosions, buildings colapsing, Mansions being destroyed not by Intergalactic creatures, but by Men, only to be rebuilt so that they can be murdered or destroyed at the next installment of a movie studio. Yes, it was a comic. And that's where it should have ended. Do you even realise the concept of a 'comic'? Bringing these things to life (because essentialy this is what American blockbusters do), is making hard for teenagers to tell good and bad. I see 5yo boys with ironman toys, yet they don't or they haven't experienced the true 'comic' ironman, but a multi billionaire jackass who fucks everything that walks, and destroys anything that doesn't. That's what they adore these days. Do you see now what kind of Epic bulshit this movie (or the type of the movie) is? Really? There were NO better ideas for a movie than this piece of elephant's junk? go back to bed America, everything is fine, Here, have some American Gladiators and go back to sleep. You bunch of Retards
№2 Author: buset46 (10 Mar 2013 17:37) Total user comments: 431

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you're drunk,

go home.

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