Getting Started at Royal Vegas in Five Easy Steps

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Getting Started at Royal Vegas in Five Easy Steps

Today playing online has become as trivial as reading the news. People use their phones to download and install games thanks to the easy to use app stores online, limited only by the storage on their handsets (which is slowly disappearing thanks to the increasing size of memory cards). But some games are not that easy to access. Hidden behind a great barrier of free (and less free) social games, real money gaming services like those offered by the Royal Vegas online casino are out of sight. This short guide will help you get started here in five easy steps.

Don't look in the app library

For the easiest access, forget about the app libraries offered by mobile OS makers. Royal Vegas offers its players an easy to use, cross-platform mobile browser interface to access their games. What you need to do is simply navigate to its website using your mobile browser, and you can start playing right away.

Register an account

Well, right away... after registering an account. The Royal Vegas casino requires its players to have an account to play its games on the go. Players can log on with the same credentials used on the desktop version, or simply create a new account, to play. Once done, they can either go to "practice mode" or go for the real thing.

Make a deposit

For a long time, this was only possible using the desktop version of the venue. But thanks to the development of more secure and accessible mobile payment methods, making a deposit on a smartphone is as easy as doing it on a PC. Simply head over to the Cashier, choose your preferred method of payment, and proceed.

Bonuses and other goodies

The Royal Vegas online casino offers its players a variety of benefits right from the start. Like the bonuses they apply to their first few deposits, seriously extending their play time, and possibly their wins. Players need not to worry about redeeming or claiming their bonus - it will be added to their account automatically, within a few minutes from their deposit. They can simply relax and start playing - the operator will take care of the rest.

Cashing out

Whenever players play, their goal is to win as much as they can. And then to spend all the cash they won. This is easy at Royal Vegas - but only after the player passes a rigorous identity confirmation. This is designed to protect players, to make sure they are the ones requesting to cash out - no matter how secure a platform is, user error and bad intentions can never be ruled out. But once they get through the first security check, players are free to make deposits and withdraw their winnings without delay.

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