Fighting Fish Slot Game Review

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Fighting Fish Slot Game Review

Slot games are the most popular choice for many visiting online casino sites – particularly those who are not especially knowledgeable or experienced when it comes to casino games – because they are very easy for new casino players to get to grips with, and do not require large sums of money to play. Thus new slot games at the top online casino sites are hugely anticipated by the players and there is a lot riding on the success of them for the sites; and one of the latest games to be launched is Fighting Fish. So how good is this game?
The Fighting Fish game, available in Lucky Nugget online slots, is a quirky, light-hearted slot, which involves a boxing match under the sea, with the red and blue fish reel icons fighting it out, with a crab acting as referee and plenty of other fish watching as spectators. The unusual idea behind the slot should have a lot of appeal for fans of these games who want a break from the usual slot games based around sports or movie and video game franchises, and beyond this the game has plenty to recommend it. It has a healthy maximum coin jackpot of 5000, while the maximum cash payout is an even more impressive $12,500 equivalent – making it a great choice for those who hope to score big by playing a slot game. When you add in the fact that it can be played with coin denominations as low as a penny, there is little doubt that it is value for money.
On the downside, the game does not contain a free spins feature, but there are scatter and wild symbols and the player has the chance to multiply their wins through the use of strategic gambling – so you may not miss this feature too much. The scatter symbol multiplies your payout, with the amount depending on how many symbols you manage to score. Overall this is a good slot game, combining a fun theme with plenty of value for money features.

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