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Plastic Bag Suffocation

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  • 23 Apr, 2009  |
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Gopi and Ramu were out cutting wood, and Ramu accidentally cut his arm off. Gopi wrapped the arm in a plastic bag and took Ramu to a surgeon.

The surgeon said ‘You’re in luck! I’m an expert at reattaching limbs! Come back in 5 hours.’

So Gopi left and when he returned in 5 hours the surgeon said ‘I got done quicker than I expected. Ramu is down at the movies.’ Gopi went to the movies and there was Ramu, clapping at the screen.

A few weeks later, Gopi and Ramu were cutting wood again, and Ramu cut his leg off. Gopi put the leg in a plastic bag and took it and Ramu back to the surgeon.

The surgeon said ‘No problem, but legs are a little tougher. Come back in 8 hours.’
Gopi left and when he came back in 6 hours the surgeon said ‘I finished early, Ramu’s down at the soccer field.’ Gopi went down to the soccer field and there was Ramu, kicking goals.

A few weeks later, Ramu had a terrible accident and cut his head off. Gopi put the head in a plastic bag and took it and the rest of Ramu to the surgeon.

The surgeon looked at the situation and said ‘Gosh, heads are really tough. Come back on 12 hours.’

So Gopi left and when he returned in twelve hours the surgeon said regretfully ‘I’m sorry, Ramu died.’

Gopi said ‘I understand - heads are tough.’

The surgeon said, ‘Oh no! The surgery went fine! Ramu suffocated in that plastic bag.’

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