Enjoying Family Time While Hiking at Margala Hills

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Knock! Knock! It was my young sister on the door who came to ask me that, either I will join them in a picnic or not? As usual, I refused the chance to spend time with them and said to her that, "I have a lot of works to do".

I always feel good to stay at home while my family units at a beautiful place to enjoy the gathering of each other. The major part of my day spends on accomplishing my job task as I am a freelance worker that's why I was used to refusing to go with them and prefer to do assigned tasks.

Now I figured out that something isn't going good in my life. My work totally consumed myself. At that moment I realized that I had no one to whom I love to talk, neither my friends nor my family and I also realized that I didn't share my feelings with them from a long time.

Recently, I heard about the suicide of my friend that incident means a lot for me. The increasing rate of suicide also puts me into deep thought and I can't understand why peoples sacrificing their lives for the sake of minor issues. Actually, these peoples are mentally disturbed due to busy schedules and they couldn't even share their feelings with anyone.

After deep thought, I sent an email about casual leave to my supervisor, shut down my laptop and step-out from my room. My family was enjoying with each other and preparing their bags for a picnic. I ask my sister that, "should I come with you people?". She started staring at me with her big eyes after listening to my words and ask me back that, "are you serious?".

Her facial expressions and pitch of voice directly touch my heart and at that moment I thought that, "why I didn't take this step before?". That day I realized the true feeling to spend quality time with the family. Next morning we left our home, I choose to sit in the back seat and allow my younger brother to drive a car.

I drive the car on daily basis but I didn't enjoy that beauty of nature which I feel that day. The sky looked more beautiful while air seems fresher. We reached the destination within some hour and after arrival, I decided to go fishing first. I spent approximately one hour at that point and after that, I join my sibling for brunch. It was the beginning of the best day of my life and I enjoyed a lot with my entire family.

I did uncountable activities in a single day and after that, I felt body pain as well. That pain recharges me instead of irritating as my mind was fresh. We pack up to go back home and I take a short nap to refresh my mind.

It was a day I didn't feel tired after reaching home even I switch on my LED TV and watch football after a long time. My entire family was laid on their bed and after some time I also went to sleep on my groundwork to wake up in the morning to join my office again.

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So what?
I believe I could not possibly care less about this person's day.

On top of that the grammar was painfully atrocious.

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