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Tips on Taking the Best Pictures

  • Category: Pictures  |
  • 20 Jun, 2019  |
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Tips on Taking the Best Pictures

We all love pictures. Pictures help us to tell stories, some of which words can’t tell. Sometimes, pictures also help us to remember the good old times while on some occasions they also help us to remember where we came from. As such, pictures really play a significant part in all our lives. Carrying such a significant role, it’s important that when we take pictures, we aim only for the best. It is against this background that in this article, we seek to share with you tips on how you can take the best pictures regardless of where you are i.e. whether you are on a trip in Africa, at your uncle’s funeral, just out with bae or on your first casino visit.

Be Close Enough

Robert Capa, one of the most famous photographers of all time once said that of your photographs aren’t good enough, then you aren’t close enough. In order to take the best pictures, it's important that you be as close as possible to the person or object you want to take. When taking a picture of a person or any living organism, the closer you are, the better you can see facial expressions.

Practice Makes Perfect

It's been said time and time again that practice makes perfect in different circles but guess what, this is also true even when it comes to photography. You can only become a great photographer if you practice on a constant and consistent basis. When you spend hours behind your camera, not only will you learn how to ‘manipulate’ your camera for better results, but you also know just the right moment to take a snap.

Light is Everything when it comes to Photography

If you have been fortunate enough to witness a video and photo shoot done by pros, you probably know that in an effort to come up with the best pictures and photographs, they create their own artificial light. This just demonstrates that light is everything in photography. In order to ensure that you take the best photos, you must have adequate lighting. If natural light from the sun is not enough, make some reservations for artificial light such as lamps.

Know when to Throw a Joke

Best pictures often come when taking shots of people full of laughter and smiles. Dean Bottrell once said that a well-timed joke will always yield a more natural smile that simply telling the person to ‘smile’. As such, when you are taking your shots, know when to throw a joke and immediately afterwards, capture your moment.

Seek Permission Always

As a parting point, it's important to know that even after you have captured what you term the best picture, there is nothing discomforting than having to go to courts of law for violating people’s rights because you did not seek permission to take their pictures. As such, to save yourself from embarrassment, you ought at all times to seek permission before you take any pictures.

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