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5 Top Trendy Hobbies Of 2016

  • Category: Pics (R)  |
  • 16 Jun, 2016  |
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Do you ever sit at home on the couch watching old reruns on TLC the entire weekend? Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut of how we spend our free time. Usually this involves lying on the couch and eating crisps all day long. If this is you, or if you want to try out some new fun activities, have a read further and learn about 2016’s top rated trendy hobbies.

5 Top Trendy Hobbies Of 2016

Online pokies

Playing casino games is not something that only middle aged men in stuff business suits do anymore. The move to online casinos has made this a much more accessible and trendy activity for younger people in their 20s and 30s. You can now play online pokies on your computer or mobile device, making it a very appealing hobby for young and trendy folk on the go. With many online casinos providing you with a new member welcome bonus of more than $1000, this is becoming an increasingly popular way to spend one’s time.

Organic Farming

Tending to a rose garden is so 2003, the new trend in gardening is organic vegetable and herb gardens. Farm to table eating is very trendy this year, and it really is satisfying to make a salad with veggies you grew yourself. It will also save you some money on your grocery bill, and it is great to know that you will be reducing waste as you only need to pick the vegetables and herbs you need for each meal. If you do not have a big garden, do not despair! There are some really cool DIY ideas for planters made of pallets. This can easily be placed on your front porch or balcony.

Adult colouring books

This may seem silly, but it really is a lot of fun. The ‘kidult’ industry has been booming lately, and adult colouring books are at the forefront of it. Many people enjoy colouring because you get to create something beautiful. It is also described as a stress relieving activity as it is calming and meditative. Nowadays you get some really fun adult colouring books including this Game of Thrones one.

Book club

Book clubs are making a big comeback this year. More and more young people are joining book clubs are starting their own. If you do not have a book club in your area, why not start one yourself? Book clubs are so popular because they bring together like minded people who love books and reading. It is also a very social affair, and people enjoy connecting over a glass of wine…or three!

Pole dancing

Pole dancing is a super popular sport these days. In the past this may have been thought of as a sleazy activity. But now you see many upscale pole dancing studios that provide pole dancing lessons for women. It is said that this is an incredible workout for your core as well as your upper body, and that it also is heaps of fun and helps increase your self-confidence.

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