Is There A Link Between Women Who Watch Cam Boys And Feminism?

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Is There A Link Between Women Who Watch Cam Boys And Feminism?

The general belief is that porn is not good for feminism, but there’s little or no doubt that it helps in getting or for getting pleasures. There has been plenty of debate regarding feminism and women who watch porn and live boy cam. Many feminists are adherent critics or pornography, insisting that the extensive availability of paid and free porn, and live boy cam massively contributes to the oppression of women.

The Truth About Porn And Women Oppression

Contrary to claims by some feminists’ coalition, recent researches have revealed that the claim that pornography contribute to the oppression of women is false. In actuality, the opposite appears to be the case. Watching porn and live boy cam is actually linked to the promotion of positive attitude towards women and gender equality.

The Link Between Women Who Watch Porn And Feminism

In line with a recent article published in the journal of sex research, viewing porn or live boy cam does not make women support non-egalitarianism or patriarch. The opposite is in fact the truth, as women who watch porn and live boy cam are more likely to express their support for women in reproductive rights, workforce, and even nontraditional gender roles. As a matter of fact, women who watch porn or live boy cam might indeed by certified feminists.

The research used results from a General Social Survey which comprised of results of more than 14,000 women, Western University, Ontario, researchers examined if the participants had watched pornography within the last twelve months and if they considered themselves as feminists. The researched also looked at the consumption of pornography content and women and their view on abortion, working away from home, the workforce, and traditional gender roles to ascertain the link between feminism and women who watch porn.

Is There A Link Between Women Who Watch Cam Boys And Feminism?

As opposed to widespread belief that watching porn promotes patriarchy in women, the Western University, Ontario, researchers found that women who watch porn and live boy cam actually have more gender egalitarian views. According to the results of the research, they also behave more positively towards other women, even if they are in position of powers, and are more likely to support abortion.

However, it must be noted that the results of the study do not necessarily imply that pornography or live boy cam teaches women to be feminists, neither does it imply that women’s view on feminism are influenced in any way by watching pornography.

It doesn’t matter what kind of porn a woman watches, or if she is an active live boy cam user, the results of the study are a welcome development to sex-positive pornography activists. Although it be worthy to note that elements of self-belief might be at play in this instance, as women who watch porn admitted in a survey that they had egalitarian views on sexuality and gender before they started watching porn.

This makes it tough to ascertain if pornography consumption causes women to switch to having egalitarian views. Any correlation between this does not and is not expected to result in any causation as some research finding could have been influenced by social and religious conservations as some of the participants may hold liberal political views.

In addition, women who watch porn and live boy cam are all aware that there are many different categories of porn or live boy cam and porn is not entirely a monolith. Some of these porn categories tend to promote more positive social values compared to others. As a result, a woman who favors erotic porn is more likely to hold gender egalitarian views compared to a woman who favors hardcore gang bangs.

There is surprisingly little or no data regarding the different types of pornography content and feminism links. In addition, there are strong practical reasons to believe that specific contents could influence people’s attitude towards women compared to others. This means that caution must be applied when forming a general opinion on whether porn promotes feminism or not. The truth remains that the debate surrounding the link between women who each porn and live boy cam is far more complicated than many of us thinks.

In fact, an anti-porn activist, Gail Dines, once described porn as the most crisp and succinct influence of a woman-hating ideology, however, various studies have failed to find any strong effects that match with her claims, they have in actuality, found effects that are contrary to her claims.

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