10 Creepypasta Tales That Will Keep You Awake Forever (10 pics)

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If you plan on reading these creepypasta tales, then you might as well cancel your plans to sleep, forever.

The story goes a little something like this: A Jane Doe is admitted to a hospital in the summer of 1972, and none of the nurses or doctors wish to attend to her because of her horrifyingly smooth mannequin-like appearance. Eventually, one brave doctor gets up the guts to treat her after she’s been sedated, and she smiles, revealing sharp, pointed teeth. She proceeds to rip out the doctor’s throat and proclaim "I am God" before killing the rest of the staff and disappearing, never to be seen again.

1 10 Creepypasta Tales That Will Keep You Awake Forever (10 pics)

Once upon a time in the late 1940s, Russian researchers held an experiment, keeping five political prisoners awake for fifteen days using a gas-based stimulant. Monitoring the subjects through microphones and glass portholes, the scientists left them with enough dry food for thirty days and cots with no bedding. At first, the subjects simply shared their war stories and deep emotional issues as sleep deprivation wore them down. But the subjects would become paranoid and stop communicating with each other. Then, two patients screamed until their vocal cords were shredded. All noise ceased and the researchers became worried. They would open the enclosed room to discover one subject dead and the others in various stages of self-mutilation, begging for the gas to be turned back on. It only gets worse from there.

2 10 Creepypasta Tales That Will Keep You Awake Forever (10 pics)

In this story, a teenager heads down to Alabama to visit his extended family. With his cousins and some friends, the group goes camping in the woods and sees a bizarre creature they call "Goatman". It follows them, convulsing and speaking in tongues until it drives the group of teens into a paranoid frenzy. While there’s a ton of variations of this story, the writing of the original always gives me the heebie-jeebies.

3 10 Creepypasta Tales That Will Keep You Awake Forever (10 pics)

Hailing from Reddit, this is by far one of my favorite creepypastas. The writer posted two years ago and informed the No Sleep subreddit that his dead girlfriend was communicating with him via social media. The screenshots of the garbled messages felt real enough to give the story some credence. Not only did she keep messaging him from what should have been her inactive Facebook, but she would tag herself in recent pictures of him, in spots where she would have been had she still been alive. Her spirit messages him on Facebook for almost a year until he receives a picture taken from his hallway, peeking into his room. Read the story on Reddit to really get the full effect; even the guy’s comments are downright unnerving.

4 10 Creepypasta Tales That Will Keep You Awake Forever (10 pics)

Who doesn’t love a haunted house? In this tale, an friend tells our protagonist, David, about an offer to make $500 if he can survive NoEnd House's nine rooms of torture, and he eagerly accepts. Sh*t basically gets progressively more and more messed up by each room, pushing David to the brink of sanity. The only question I have for David is, "Only $500?"

5 10 Creepypasta Tales That Will Keep You Awake Forever (10 pics)

This story comes from another solid Reddit thread. The submitter shares a few stories about his search and rescue experiences in the woods. One involves a young boy who went missing with his sister while they were berry picking with their parents. The sister was found first and revealed that her brother was taken by a "bear man" with a strange face. He was never found. Another story was about a young woman who went hiking with her mother and grandfather. She climbed up a tree to get a better view and never came back down.

6 10 Creepypasta Tales That Will Keep You Awake Forever (10 pics)

Have you seen this man? Maybe he’s haunted your dreams. And if you’ve only seen him in your dreams, it would be extremely creepy because, according to science, we only dream of faces we’ve seen in real life. There’s even a website for this guy, where you can commune with other strangers who’ve been visited by him.

7 10 Creepypasta Tales That Will Keep You Awake Forever (10 pics)

Remember those niche, often short-lived kids shows from your childhood like Cow and Chicken, Animorphs, or The Pirates of Dark Water? Well, some adults remember a puppet show from the '70s called Candle Cove. Except their memories aren’t filled with laughter and cute songs, but instead marionette characters screaming endlessly at the camera for an entire episode. One viewer would ask his mother about the show, only to find out the true, horrifying nature of the show.

8 10 Creepypasta Tales That Will Keep You Awake Forever (10 pics)

Robert the Doll is real, which is already pretty horrifying in and of itself. Supposedly, this doll was given to artist Robert Eugene Otto in the late 1800s by a servant working for the family, which he named after himself. The doll would begin terrorizing the family. Otto kept the doll into adulthood and it drove his late wife to pure insanity. The doll was later found by another family, but the daughter refused to have it in her room. Robert the Doll now chills out in a museum in Florida, and visitors have to politely ask permission before taking a picture of him.

9 10 Creepypasta Tales That Will Keep You Awake Forever (10 pics)

According to this story, Disney once poured 30 million dollars into opening a resort in North Carolina called Mowgli’s Palace before suddenly abandoning the project. The narrator of the story searched high and low for records of Mowgli’s Palace, but even the locals to Emerald Isle refused to answer questions about it. Supposedly, our protagonist found the park and photographed various parts of it that were overtaken by nature. He soon discovers the Employees Only section, with evidence that the place had been abandoned in a hurry, as though it were suddenly evacuated. From there, he finds a room marked "CHARACTER PREP 1" and then it all just goes to sh*t.

10 10 Creepypasta Tales That Will Keep You Awake Forever (10 pics)


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Do you guys do any sort of background checks on this garbage from ebums world? Every one of these is utter horsesh*t. The candle cove was a story written in 2009. The russian 'experiment' was a hoax story. The Jane doe was also a hoax story. never happened. The reddit storys are also pure bullsh*t. None of these hold any water and can be debunked with common sense let alone using a simple google search...
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Absolute BS, every one of 'em. In fact, each and every story is perfectly well documented as either a fraud or a made-up story meant to scare children. Did you hear the one about the Boogeyman?

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