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Serial Killers That Are Still On The Loose (10 pics)

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There are a lot of serial killers through history that have become infamous. But it's the ones you've never heard of before that you really need to worry about.

Within Edgecombe County in NC, 10 black women have disappeared since 2005. Since that time, 9 of them ended up being found, murdered. All victims (which include a transsexual later found dismembered) were into prostitution and drugs. The Seven Bridges Killer is the label they've placed on the culprit, and the overwhelming majority believe he's still out there.
Antwan Maurice Pittman ended up convicted of one of the murders in 2011, but many believe he was used as a scapegoat and firmly state he's not the killer. The majority of residents also believe the case is simply not a priority for law enforcement, due to the hostile relationship between cops and poor and minority residents in the area. The consensus is that with a modicum of maturity and competence, a number of lives could have been saved if police had done their jobs sooner.

1 Serial Killers That Are Still On The Loose (10 pics)

A whopping 200-plus cases of young men drowning in the U.S. for seemingly no reason is so staggering, many believe it to be only an urban legend. However, retired NY detectives know these deaths are very real, and the work of a serial killer is very possible indeed.
In every case, a young man disappears after partying, only to be found dead by drowning. Many will shrug this off as statistic; tons of young people get drunk and some are bound to get into accidents such as drownings, right? Except the detectives have crime scene evidence, and while going over it one night, discovered graffiti depicting a smiley face at a vast number of the drowning sites.

2 Serial Killers That Are Still On The Loose (10 pics)

For the past 15 years, coastal towns on Long Island have been ground zero for this killer's work. He began by dismembering bodies and throwing the remains along the beaches. Recently, bodies were found intact, all of them unburied and beneath brush close to roadways. The Long Island Killer is suspected to be a member of law enforcement, according to the FBI - as he clearly shows a good knowledge of police procedure. This guy gets his name from the fact he seems to know and prefer the south shore of Long Island.

3 Serial Killers That Are Still On The Loose (10 pics)

In Kigali, Rwanda, 15 prostitutes have been brutally murdered since 2012. All were strangled, with 3 killed in broad daylight while entering buildings with men. Authorities believe the killings are over money or as revenge for HIV contamination.
Supposedly, a neighbor claimed the words "I will stop once I have killed 400 prostitutes" were carved into one victim's body, but this was dismissed by police as rumor.

4 Serial Killers That Are Still On The Loose (10 pics)

9 victims so far have been murdered in South Africa since a few years ago. The killer is believed to have met the men online, meet up, and then kill them in their homes. Of course, police are being labeled as incompetent, as it was only recently confirmed a serial killer might be a likely culprit. Plus, three suspects were arrested in Cape Town and Johannesburg, believed to be "copycat killers", while the actual killings have gone on.

5 Serial Killers That Are Still On The Loose (10 pics)

Jennings is a small town in Louisiana that's had a big problem since 2005. 8 murders have occurred, all victims being women, their bodies dumped unceremoniously along the back roads. Considering the size of the town and number of victims, locals are convinced one or more police officials are involved directly with the murders. Rumors abound regarding conspiracy. It's no surprise, considering authorities still won't confirm a serial killer, as all women were of different races, general appearance, and the manner of death has had variances. Meanwhile, all women had two major things in common: they all suffered from substance abuse, and all frequented the same one-room bar in a seedy part of town. This leaves the residents of Jennings with a dire question: How long will the obvious work of a serial killer be ignored?

6 Serial Killers That Are Still On The Loose (10 pics)

Pakistan is currently facing a nightmare with its own serial killer. In Mobina Town, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, 5 children have gone missing last year, with 3 of their bodies later found murdered. In 2012, 10 children went missing, with 8 bodies found later, having been raped and tortured. The area is rampant with fear, as they're home to a killer so brutal victims have been found with organs gouged out and necks torn open.
To make matters worse, a seriously sharp rise in child kidnappings has been a problem in Karachi for a couple of years, with almost 200 children reported missing on top of those from Mobina Town. Mobina, Sachal Goth, Mehmoodabad, and Sharea Faisal all are ground zero for the multitude of sudden abductions, the subsequent murders being the work of this serial killer.

7 Serial Killers That Are Still On The Loose (10 pics)

In 2004, VICAP analysts found a disturbing pattern regarding the number of female bodies dumped off of U.S. highways. Over 450 victims were addicts or prostitutes, and all were supposedly picked up at service stations and truck stops. Naturally, truckers have been investigated, but a staggering number of these murders happen frequently and go unsolved to boot.
The FBI believes this may be a case where one or more serial killers belong to a single industry: Could it be that an occupation which involves daily highway driving serve as a major attractor for serial killers?

8 Serial Killers That Are Still On The Loose (10 pics)

The sheer number of murdered women in Mexicali since 2008 are so similar, a serial killer is believed to be at large. If that weren't scary enough, it's also believed multiple serial killers, perhaps even an entire clan, are suspect. Only 2 of all the victims were not addicts or prostitutes, and with a number of victims, their bodies were dismembered with remains dumped.
There are tons of murders attributed to organized crime and gang activity in the area, but serial killings in this case have been confirmed by the attorney general in 2011.

9 Serial Killers That Are Still On The Loose (10 pics)

According to experts, Ciudad Juarez is the most dangerous city in the world. Other things aside, over 500 women since 1993 have been murdered. Now, a number of these cases have been solved, as many viscious gangs, drug cartels, and strange cults abound in the area. Yet almost a third of these killings are deemed so uncannily similar, only the work of a serial killer can be suspect. To this day, the man or men responsible have not been found, and the disappearances and murders of women have actually increased to this day.

10 Serial Killers That Are Still On The Loose (10 pics)

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and maybe a few more that have not had their victims link together by investigators.

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