25 Signs That You're A Grown Up Now

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Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up. If you can identify with any of these signs then you have to face the sad truth. You're a grown up now.

1 25 Signs That You're A Grown Up Now

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№1 Author: fix (16 May 2014 11:10) Total user comments: 0

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#18 I KNO DAT FEEL MAN. you just forgot to extend this to any kind of greasy meat. I mean... yes... bacon enter that category. aw god, you've grown up when you can't eat anything without paying it with acid in your throat a couple of hours later. eat your vegetables, kids.
№2 Author: Phynix4 (16 May 2014 16:43) Total user comments: 5461

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-it has its advantages. I party on my boat instead of someones roach infested apartment, I can afford the beer and alcohol i like versus the 'gut-rock' cheap crap. If I decide I want to party on the south coast of Spain..I go. I grill anything I want all year long, not just hotdogs. Dont get me wrong, I lived the struggle as a young guy, and did that all over the world (literally). But, I enjoy the spoils of an 'older guy' that doesnt have to struggle anymore...

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