Cat Behaviors (15 gifs)

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Cat behaviors explained with gifs.

Rolling back and forth: Your cat is showing submission or inviting you play.

1 Cat Behaviors (15 gifs)

Making squinty eyes: Cats squint when they're content. Closing their eyes slowly is a sign of trust.

2 Cat Behaviors (15 gifs)

Sticking a raised butt in your face: Tail sniffing is normal in the cat world, so this is your cats way of saying hello.

3 Cat Behaviors (15 gifs)

Sleeping in a circle: It conserves body heat.

4 Cat Behaviors (15 gifs)

Kneading: This is likely a leftover trait from when they were a kitten when they did this to their mother's stomach to produce milk.

5 Cat Behaviors (15 gifs)

Sitting like a cat loaf: Cats tuck their paws under them when they feel safe, and it also conserves body heat.


6 Cat Behaviors (15 gifs)

One leg extended: This just makes it easier for your cat to clean.

7 Cat Behaviors (15 gifs)

Exposing it's belly: It's a sign of trust.

8 Cat Behaviors (15 gifs)

Nowhere to be found: Cats are good at hiding, and they're tired of your shit.

9 Cat Behaviors (15 gifs)

Staring into space: Cats have keen senses, so they probably saw a fly or a speck of dust.

10 Cat Behaviors (15 gifs)

Sleeping in boxes: Cat's find security in confined spaces.


11 Cat Behaviors (15 gifs)

The “hug ‘n’ bite”: Biting while wrestling is just part of how cats play.

12 Cat Behaviors (15 gifs)

Chirping or clacking at birds outside: That chattering is a reflex in anticipation of hunting.

13 Cat Behaviors (15 gifs)

Sitting on your computer: Cats like warm places. Also they want to annoy you.

14 Cat Behaviors (15 gifs)

The ready to pounce quivering butt: Cats wiggle back and forth to position themselves for the perfect attack.

15 Cat Behaviors (15 gifs)


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