Popular Conversation Starters And Memes On Dating Sites

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1 Popular Conversation Starters And Memes On Dating Sites

Before you can get a date online, you’re going to have to earn it through the subtle art of conversation. You’ve got one chance to get things started right, so it’s probably the most important thing you’ll do that day.

The Art Of Conversation

Whatever you’re looking for, long-term thing or nasty hook ups, getting started is the hard bit. Knowing what to say doesn’t always come naturally, but there are a few tips and tricks that can get the chat flowing.

Conversation is a learned skill after all.

What Is Your Favourite Type Of Food?

Ok, so it’s probably not the most glowing thing to start a chat with but it’s a good example. Asking someone what their favourite food is, what music they like, their top 10 movies and things like that is an easy place to start.

You’re looking to get a flow going and these are all good hooks to hang a conversation on. Your opening line isn’t going to stand out (unless you get weird with it: “What’s your favourite marine crustacean?”) but there’s obvious places to go from here.

Probably most importantly, you’re showing some interest in them.

Do You Have A Pet?

This is another way to show some genuine interest in the person you’re talking to. Again, it doesn’t need to be a pet; what you’re really saying is “tell me about something you love”.

It’s a good starter because you can ask follow up questions, or talk about the things you love too. There’s a real chance to make a connection here; “oh, you’ve got a dog, so do I! We should take them for a walk some time…”.

Favourite Place To Relax?

Heyyy, we should go there and relax together sometime…

This is another place to start building a connection and scope out your compatibility. Maybe they like the same spots you do and it’s a great way to engineer a suggested meet up.

Or if the conversation doesn’t flow, it could be a good place to avoid in the future….

Dating Memes To Brighten Your Conversation

Memes are the primary cultural communication tool of the online age. They’re a way of expressing your wit and status as part of a group while finding out if their definition of GSOH is the same as your’s. Plus, funny is always welcome. There’s actual science at play here too.

Memes can communicate a lot and they don’t need to be image macros (though those are probably the biggest genre). Stuff like someone on a nasty hook ups app sending you their vital statistics and you responding with your computer specs falls in to this too.

Just don’t get too weird with it...

How A Sense Of Humour Captivates Your Interlocutor Online

Everyone likes to laugh and “a good sense of humour” is one of the most commonly listed personality traits in any prospective partner.
Humour acts as a social lubricant. The benefits are pretty much infinite but the key ones are:

• releases stress
• breaks tension
• creates bonds
• showcases personality

Stress and tension are real downsides to getting a date. When you stop to think about it, you both know why you’re there and that is a hell of a lot of pressure to put on someone. Making them laugh bursts that bubble, putting them at their ease.

The trick with the funny opener is judging what will make them laugh with you rather than at you (mess this up and you’ll end up as a meme rather than sharing them). You’re aiming for light and witty, not an hour’s philosophical stand-up.

That being said, you can find humour in pretty much anything. Be cheeky, be cheesy. Find the humour that fits your personality and captivate them with your witty repartee. Do your best to craft it to fit the person you’re trying to entrance but remember, it can totally be worth taking risks.

At the very worst, it’ll be a funny story about you falling flat on your face to break out on your next attempt.

At the very, very worst, you’ll find fame as one of those memes with the names blacked out.

Conclusion: Let’s Talk About It

The subtle art of conversation is the most vital part of online dating. Getting people to open up, creating trust and a mutual bond, or at the very least, having a bit of a giggle while you’re scrolling on the toilet (don’t open with that) is your only chance of turning online flirtation into real life situations.

Pay attention to their responses and play off them to keep things flowing, you’ve got two ears but only one mouth after all…

Ok, you’ll be typing and have 10 fingers, so maybe that phrase isn’t super appropriate for the online world, but you get what we mean.