Annoying People (22 pics)

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Venture into the world of "Annoying People" where quirks collide with frustrations. From incessant talkers to perpetual latecomers, this post navigates the colorful spectrum of vexations we encounter daily. Perfect for those who commiserate and seek solace in shared annoyances.

1 Annoying People (22 pics)

"Seconds Before She Kicked Him In The Head. Got Mad When She Was Asked To Move Seats"

2 Annoying People (22 pics)

3 Annoying People (22 pics)

"I was on a trip to the United Kingdom. I am a Canadian and was more than glad to see the recognition for our contribution in the world wars and especially since 10% of our population served in the second. I was absolutely stunned by what I saw at the Canadian war memorial. I didn’t say a word but should I have? It’s a memorial paying respect to thousands of Canadians (usually in their early 20s) who paid the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and liberation of a occupied Europe."

"I Was Running In Lane 1 At The Track, And This Dude Showed Up And Decided This Was The Perfect Location To Lie Down"

4 Annoying People (22 pics)

"Fully aware all I had to do was run around him, which I totally did, but this still annoyed TF out of me: he stayed like this for 30 minutes and then got up and left."

"I Let A Colleague Borrow One Of My Favorite Books, And It Was Returned To Me With The Pages Written On And Stuffed With Sticky Notes"

5 Annoying People (22 pics)

"Main Character Blinds Everyone The Entire Show For A Video Shoot"

6 Annoying People (22 pics)

"Taking Photos In A Sensitive Habitat"

7 Annoying People (22 pics)

"This Person, Who Blocked No Less Than Four Electric Charging Spots"

8 Annoying People (22 pics)

"Lady stood up and recording right as the recital started. Even though people behind her were telling her to sit down, it was about ten minutes before an administrator confronted her"

9 Annoying People (22 pics)

"My Neighbor Sprayed Herbicide On My Back Lot To Make Himself A Parking Spot"

10 Annoying People (22 pics)

"Sheriff says that in our county you’re allowed to park on the outer 8 feet of someone else’s lawn for a day or two without their permission because it’s considered the shoulder. Come back to the same spot as many times as you want, just don’t be there continuously. You probably don’t have the right to kill someone else’s vegetation but I can’t prove it was him."

11 Annoying People (22 pics)

"Influencer Camera Set Up"

12 Annoying People (22 pics)

"I'm trying to take a nap during my 6 hour layover at Denver Airport and without warning or asking, a pair of people set up these bright face lights and have been complaining about people other than them being in an airport."

13 Annoying People (22 pics)

14 Annoying People (22 pics)

"My Neighbors Parking, And No It’s Not Temporary, Been Like This For 3 Days"

15 Annoying People (22 pics)

"We have an HOA but clearly they don’t care, but they do care if my garbage can is left out 30 seconds after garbage is picked up."

"These People Used Books To “Reserve” Their Seats At The Resort And Then Just Never Showed Up"

16 Annoying People (22 pics)

"Wild how inconsiderate some people can be. Reserving lounge chairs early in the morning just in case they feel like going to the pool at some point.

The box is mine from some fries I ordered."

17 Annoying People (22 pics)

18 Annoying People (22 pics)

"My Neighbor (Apartments) Keeps Doing This Because She Doesn’t Want Anyone Parking Next To Her Car (She’s Not Disabled)"

19 Annoying People (22 pics)

"Disney Adults Are Making His Brother's Wedding All About Themselves"

20 Annoying People (22 pics)

21 Annoying People (22 pics)

22 Annoying People (22 pics)


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