TikTok Video Ideas That Will Get More Engagement

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1 TikTok Video Ideas That Will Get More Engagement

Have you ever sat back and wondered how to get more engagement on TikTok? Maybe your current views aren’t lining up with your personal brand goals and you want to grow your account in TikTok. Totally understandable. We have you covered.

With help from sites like Influensly and the dedicated research our team has put together (see below), you’ll be reaching your target audience and increasing your following in no time. It’s time to dive right in to the ideas - let’s boost engagement together!

Helpful reminder: You can’t implement one of these suggestions and expect immediate results. Give it time for the changes to stick with your audience and keep up with consistency - it’s key! Your best bet would be to pick a few of the suggestions below and start putting them in action. There’s no better time to start than today.

Prioritize Algorithm Metrics

The TikTok algorithm may not be something you can technically see or hear, but its mysterious force pulls some extensive weightVery responsible for your ‘make it’ or ‘break it’ fate of your accounts overall TikTok engagement rate.

You see, when people like, comment, or share certain TikTok videos, the app notices and remembers. In turn, it shows those users similar content from other TikTok creators.

As someone trying to draw more attention to their social media platform, you’re going to want to hop aboard the TikTok algorithm train. How do you do that? By curating ideas that’ll raise interests and jumpstart internet conversations and reactions.

Think Through Your Keyword Strategy

When digital marketing companies push great SEO written content on writers, influencers, and developers, they aren’t lying. SEO takes a piece of information and brings it to the next level. That’s why articles and blogs written with listed keywords in mind always rank higher on Google and obtain an above average engagement rate.

If we transition this thought process over to TikTok and other social media, we’ll see that particular keywords and hashtags can link you up with the selective algorithm. All you have to do is describe your TikTok video in the caption space provided and use relevant keywords to reach your target audience.

Consider Replying to Video Comments with New Videos

If you want to make your followers feel heard, you have to engage with them. That means replying to their comments on your TikTok videos directly. One interesting way of doing this is to go the extra mile: Post an answer to their question or an informational thought to their comment in video form.

What’s the added bonus? Other TikTok users scrolling through the comments section will see your responses. If their interests line up with other comments, they’ll click to see what else you have to say on the topic.

Dabble with Opening a TikTok Shop

Did you know that 30% of TikTok users have used TikTok shop? And, an additional 33% are interested in doing so in the near future. That’s a pretty big demographic to tap into.

If you haven’t thought about optimizing your account to get in the e-commerce TikTok game, now’s the time. Expand your brand by creating merchandise for your supporters, and do so by using current strategies that work. What’s a key example? If your ideas revolve around cooking, launch and promote a mini cookbook for your social media marketing strategy.

Don’t Shy Away from Experimenting

Social media platforms have higher engagement rates when content creators find their niche. But to get on the path of success, you need to learn which route to take with your TikTok account.

A few popular categories to experiment with include comedy skits, how-to videos, life advice, workout routines, and promotional content. If we could give readers one suggestion, it would be to try posting a video of each and watch the TikTok engagement rate results. Whichever category gets the most likes, shares, and comments should be the winner. Keep on those TikTok trends and you’ll be sure to expand your following.

Don’t Put True Authenticity on the Back Burner

Authenticity is the glue that holds TikTok and other interactive media together; no one wants to genuinely create an account and follow hundreds of users that all post the same stuff. Right?

That’s why we highly suggest creating videos that are *brand new*. Or as close to brand new as physically possible. No staged content that’s been seen a thousand times over.

We’d like to pair with this suggestion that it’s not a bad idea to be yourself. Let those quirky and edgy personality traits shine. Share your passions. Allow what makes you you to be seen through your videos, because that right there may be the reason your followers keep coming back for more.

Pick an Influencer & Partner Up

A super easy way to create an engaging social media platform is this: Partner up with an influencer that talks about and gets involved in the same things that you do. Fans will go wild and immediately get interactive. In turn, they’ll likely encourage fellow users to hop aboard the bandwagon and start following you. A win-win scenario in the engagement field, if you know what we mean.

To take it one step further, we’d like to suggest utilizing TikTok features like Stitch, Duet, and viral collaboration. Stitch allows you to take another person’s video and add it to your own. Duet gives you the opportunity to broadcast your video alongside an original influencers video, both playing simultaneously. Viral collaboration requires you to directly reach out to a TikTok profile and request that said user participate in a trending challenge; if approved, both sides can benefit and boost engagement.

Accept, Acknowledge, and Participate in the Q&A Feature

Did you know that there’s a little section of the TikTok app that showcases a Q&A feature, granting influencers and creators the ability to add question and answer sections to their profiles. All you have to do is enable the Creator tool in your Settings menu and you can automatically reply to any questions your TikTok peeps have.

An odd perk associated with this idea is this: Once you start getting questions from your audience members, you can easily determine what’s trendy and relevant. This unique feature actually gives you an easy solution to what’s “in” and what’s “out” on social media with minimal effort.

Develop a Content Series

One-off videos can provide light, refreshing humor. They can be engaging and fun, as long as they're done the right way. But there’s something about a content series that sparks interest in users across social media platforms. Especially when cross promoted.

So, give it a whirl. Choose a topic or type of video that’s given you a high TikTok engagement rate and run with it. The continuity will keep your audience returning for more, some will even feel the need to stick with you through the end.

Remember, Profile Pic & Bio Matter

2 TikTok Video Ideas That Will Get More Engagement

The picture linked to your account and your mini biography are the first two things a *new* followers will see, which means they have to be enticing. Good examples include:

• Fashion enthusiast → Photo with a stylish outfit on
• Top notch chef → Photo with a decadent dish you’ve made recently
• Bodybuilder → Photo in the gym lifting weights
• Comedian → Photo of you in action, doing stand up
Think: Visual representation of how you want your fans to remember you.

Then, take it over to the bio. Write with emphasis and re-read it before posting, making sure every piece of information is captivating. Give your prospective TikTokers a glimpse of who you are and what you have to offer. Mention any expertise and some things you love to do to display the best first impression you possibly can.

Give TikTok Live Streams a Go

3 TikTok Video Ideas That Will Get More Engagement

Just like other social media platforms, TT has a live broadcast option that you can utilize. The thoughtful addition makes it quite easy for influencers to immediately interact with their fan base. The act itself is a great way to show followers that you care, that you’re real, and that you want to establish rapport.

What exactly can you accomplish in a live video?

• You can answer common questions from the audience → Comments come in and you can provide an in-depth response vocally.
• You can provide relevant, new, and exciting information → If you have an announcement to make, news to share, or anything you think users would find interesting, you can say it out loud.
• You can urge TT peeps to support and purchase your products → A good way to get first-time buyers in is to give a promotional discount or a BOGO deal on your livestream.
• You can request people to follow you → Live videos can pop up on the For You page, so if a new person comes across your profile while you’re living it up, you can request that they hit the ‘follow’ button for more of you!

Throw Some Closed Captions in Your Videos

TikTok analytics are heavily swayed by SEO metrics and viewer engagement. One thing you can do to up both of those numbers is add closed captions to your videos. Not only are they crucial for deaf and the hard-of-hearing community, but they’ve also grasped a lot of attention and popularity in recent years.

Think about this: How many friends and family members do you have that constantly put subtitles on? There’s just some kind of addiction to reading the words on the screen while listening to the voices through the speakers. Less chance of distraction.

So, for the followers you have that may not hear so well and for the users you know that prefer to read while they listen, this is a win. And if you utilize the feature correctly, you can sneak in a bunch of search engine optimization keywords.

If You Give Engagement, You’ll Likely Get Engagement

The more giving you are as a person, the more good karma you’ll get. Or so they say.
What does that even mean? It means if you’re a TT girl or guy, you’ll want to give engagement to get it. Go on other creators’ profiles and start interacting with their content. Drop a comment here, send out a few likes there. Establish connections and you’ll easily see them do the same. Plus, getting your name out there in the open doesn’t hurt your chances of being discovered more frequently.

Learn How to Choose Times Wisely

Did you know that publishing your video at the right time could make or break how well it performs? That’s where experimentation comes in again.

The goal here is to maximize your video’s reach, because, the more followers engage with your content, the more likely the For You page will push it onto non-followers (e.g. getting you “out there” more).

For starters, most people go on TikTok between 4 PM and 5 PM during the week, so that’s a good target time to start with. If your demographic does vary because of things like time zone or working hours, you may want to shift posting accordingly. Once you hit that sweet spot, though, we highly suggest posting during that time frame most frequently.

Last but Definitely Not Least, Use In-App Editing Tools

If you’re looking for free ways to enhance your videos and draw attention in, those in-app editing tools work perfectly. We’re talking filters and effects, we’re talking overlays and soundtracks, we’re talking that extra OOMPH and love that every TikTok video could use a little bit of.

The best part? It only takes a minute to scan through the options and choose a transition effect to add. Talk about elevating your content to an entirely different level.

What are some of our favs? The zoom-in feature is pretty neat. The fade out has its charisma. And adjusting the speed is its own little hidden gem. Talk about professional edits!

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