Repair Tips From The Internet (20 pics)

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"Does Anybody Know What Would Cause This Water Jug To Do This ? We Have Had This For A Year. This Is My 10th Jug And This Is The First Time This Has Happened"

1 Repair Tips From The Internet (20 pics)

"There is a clog in the airline... You typically would get a glugluglug after dispensing water, which I'm sure you are not. Needs to be cleaned."

"How Can I Fix This? Daughter Was Showering And Randomly Leaned Into The Wall, Causing This"

2 Repair Tips From The Internet (20 pics)

"That looks like you’ve got some bigger troubles in that wall.

I’d start pulling tile and see where the backer went."

"Was Quoted $500 To Put This Back In Place, How Many Would I Reattach Myself?"

3 Repair Tips From The Internet (20 pics)

"That's flashing, not siding. Tuck it back in, under the shingles and nail it into the wall with roofing nails 1-1/4" long. Put a blob of 100% silicon on the nail heads. Don't fall off the roof."

"Did Someone Try To Burglarize Me?"

4 Repair Tips From The Internet (20 pics)

"Certainly looks that way, no reason this would happen by itself."

"I install these and fix them for a living.

There are two reasons why this would happen.

1. Someone was trying to break back into their home as they had locked the keys inside.

2. Someone else tried to break in.

This is the width of most crowbars. The idiot probably thought you could just lift it out from the outside(you can't.... For.. obvious reasons)"

"Can This Concrete Pad Be Repaired?"

5 Repair Tips From The Internet (20 pics)

"If by "repaired" you mean dug up and replaced the answer is yes."

"Is There Any Validity To This? Does It Make Your Door Harder To Kick In? Seen On Facebook"

6 Repair Tips From The Internet (20 pics)

"A door is only as strong as the nearest window."

"Yep, I can personally attest that this works. A few years ago around Christmas, there was a string of garage break-ins in my neighborhood. Everyone except us were broken into and had things stolen. I went out back the day after and the thief had tried to get in and got a closer look; the wood around the trim was splintered and there was a big dent in the door where they tried to kick it in."

"Most people give up after one or two attempts. No one wants to risk making noise and getting caught."

"How Can I Fix These Wrinkles In My New Oven?"

7 Repair Tips From The Internet (20 pics)

"This is one of those things that you fix by getting your money back. I don't even know wtf I'm looking at, but I'd bet my extended warranty that it's not fixable."

"Help Get These Off"

8 Repair Tips From The Internet (20 pics)

"I buy the all purpose kitchen cleaner from the dollar store and a tooth brush. Works great. It’ll take you about 30 seconds and $5. Don’t brush too hard or it’ll be super clean then you’ll have to clean the rest of the seat to match"


9 Repair Tips From The Internet (20 pics)

"My guess is the door seal is worn out and needs to be replaced. Or you put dish soap in the washer..."

"How To Easily Remove These Metal Shavings From This Magnet??"

10 Repair Tips From The Internet (20 pics)

"A stronger magnet, put in a plastic bag, you stroke over the shavings, get them on the new magnet, lift off the plastic bag and the shavings fall down."

"How To Stop The Huge Reflection Of My Dashboard So That I Can Drive Safely?"

11 Repair Tips From The Internet (20 pics)

"Put a black non shiny non reflective mat on it."

"A Friend Decided To Clean This With Alcohol In The House He Just Moved In (Rental). Is There Anything He Can Do (Apart From Fleeing The Country)?"

12 Repair Tips From The Internet (20 pics)

"If this represents your friend's intelligence and skill level then no, your friend is not qualified to refinish furniture."

"My Roommate Knocked A Giant Bottle Of Laundry Detergent On The Carpet. This Is After We Wiped Up As Much As We Could With Paper Towels. How Do We Fix? Help?!?!?"

13 Repair Tips From The Internet (20 pics)

"Water and a shop vac. Or rent one of those rug doctors, just don't add soap to it. Laundry detergent isn't such a pain in the a** to clean up because it doesn't foam up much."

"Help. Wrote On The Toilet Lid In Whiteboard Marker And It’s Not Coming Off… I Have An Inspection"

14 Repair Tips From The Internet (20 pics)

"So this works on whiteboards... If you leave something on too long, it will leave what you are seeing. What I do is take the marker and just go over it again and quickly wipe it off. It tends to "lift" the stained part and since the new mark isn't fully dry, it comes off. You could try it on a small section to see if it works.

FYI, this also works if someone uses a permanent marker on a whiteboard. Use the "Dry Erase" marker to lift the permanent marker and get it off the board."

"Cat Broke Toilet, Can It Be Fixed?"

15 Repair Tips From The Internet (20 pics)

"Replace the toilet. No ifs, and, buts, or maybes. That will cut you faster than you can imagine. It’s not worth it."

"GF Was Cooking Her Dog Food And Left The Hot Skillet On My Counter/Cutting Board. We Are Renting... Anyway To Fix This?"

16 Repair Tips From The Internet (20 pics)

"Need to sand it and apply finish."

"Multiple Outlets In New Apartment Caked With Paint Like This One. Any Tips On How To Get This Off Safely And Clear Out The Grounding Prong Holes Too?"

17 Repair Tips From The Internet (20 pics)

"The best thing to do is replace these."

"This Stupid Thing Beeps Even After Changing Battery. Why?!?! Am I Supposed To Do Something More?"

18 Repair Tips From The Internet (20 pics)

"CO monitors expire. There should be a date on the back. 5 years maybe? If it’s expired, you’ll need a new one."

"How Do I Go About Repairing This Door?"

19 Repair Tips From The Internet (20 pics)

"You replace it. its a hollow core door. You can get a slab door and remove hardware and use the old door as a template. OR you can get a whole pre-hung door and frame. remove trim and remove old frame. Install, shim and level door frame and replace door trim."

"Trying To Preserve My Mother’s Handwriting In Lipstick On A Mirror?"

20 Repair Tips From The Internet (20 pics)

"Take a photo of it and print it. A transfer of the words could be used on the back of the mirror and the ‘silver’ could be engraved/sand blasted off.

I used to work in a glass shop."


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