What Are These Things? (18 pics)

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1 What Are These Things? (18 pics)

“What is this cylindrical shape about 10 meters high with some sort of filter on top?”

Answer: “Giant air-vac. It allows air in and out in the event of vacuum or overpressure conditions inside a pipeline while keeping water from escaping the pipeline. It prevents pipeline rupture or collapse due to overpressure or over-vacuum condition.”

2 What Are These Things? (18 pics)

’What’s this thick round wooden stick with a cylindrical structure on one end?’’
Answer: Possibly used with a Singing Bell. You rub the stick lightly around the edge and the bell starts vibrating. You might have seen the same effect with glasses.

3 What Are These Things? (18 pics)

“Spoon-type thing with a metal plate and hole?”
Answer: “It’s a soup spoon for mustachioed gentlemen.”

4 What Are These Things? (18 pics)

“Found by the side of the road on Isle Of Skye. About 2 feet tall and filled in water on the ground within, no visible markings.”
Answer: “It’s a well from a natural spring. It’s where people used to get their water from.”

5 What Are These Things? (18 pics)

’’This ring was buried in my garden. After cleaning it, I saw that it doesn’t look like an ordinary ring. Any ideas?’’
Answer: This is heartbreaking. The ring is worn as a mourning ring. It’s a Georgian/early Victorian ring whose initials belong to the lost loved one. They were typically made from gold (18k+) and enameled in black. It looks like yours was made around the 1820s-40s.

6 What Are These Things? (18 pics)

“Found this in the cup holder of a camp chair. Felt like hard rubber, looked like it was going to be papery or squishy. Was all connected and one solid piece.”
Answ: “It looks like a mud wasp nest.”

7 What Are These Things? (18 pics)

’’My mom found this in my dad’s drawer. Is it what I am afraid of?’’
Answer: The classic Sunbeam Mixmaster had a juicer attachment, a bowl that attached to the top of the mixer. This is the spout the juice would pour out of. The wire part held a little strainer to filter out pulp.

8 What Are These Things? (18 pics)

’’What is this glass object? It’s fairly heavy, has no markings, and a very narrow hole on top.’’
Answer: It’s an oil candle.

9 What Are These Things? (18 pics)

“Double-bowl sink with a hole connecting them. The tap does not reach the second bowl. What is it used for?”
Answer: “It is for schools, you can put a sponge there.”

10 What Are These Things? (18 pics)

’’This thing is made of leather, and about 15″ in length. Any ideas?’’
Answer: It looks like a decorative tassel from a purse.

11 What Are These Things? (18 pics)

’’I found this stainless-steel object when cleaning out a lab space. Has an “H” in a diamond stamp.’’
Answer: It’s a glass tube cutter! I used it many times in chemistry lab.

12 What Are These Things? (18 pics)

“Projections on a gate along a wash.”
Answer: “It’s to prevent people from forcing the gate open with a large truck.”

13 What Are These Things? (18 pics)

“What is this small metal clamp with two balls.”
Answer: “It’s a clip to keep a bag of something closed. Typically for bags of ground coffee or beans.”

14 What Are These Things? (18 pics)

“Green, translucent substance found on the beach, looks like glass but has gel or jello-like consistency.”
Answer: “A day or two ago, a bunch of college kids filled up an inflatable pool on the beach with green jello. They do ‘jello wrestling’ every year. You were looking at a couple of hundred dollars of jello that they left on the beach after wrestling in it while a live band played. They chose green this year.”

15 What Are These Things? (18 pics)

’’I found this at nan’s house, it’s a glass vase with metal grill inside.’’
Answer: It’s for arranging cut flowers (a rose bowl).

16 What Are These Things? (18 pics)

’’I found this in an old cabinet, made entirely of glass with narrowing “What is this cylindrical shape about 10 meters high with some sort of filter on top?”

Answer: “Giant air-vac. It allows air in and out in the event of vacuum or overpressure conditions inside a pipeline while keeping water from escaping the pipeline. It prevents pipeline rupture or collapse due to overpressure or over-vacuum condition.”holes all the way through.’’
Answer: It’s a flower frog, used to hold a flower arrangement in a vase. Made obsolete by foam and gels.

17 What Are These Things? (18 pics)

“Glass cylinder, found in workshop of older house we moved into.”
Answer: “These might be raw stock for a glass blower or a glazier. I think these would be heated and rolled out into window panes since they are apparently meticulously bubble and inclusion-free.”

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