Random Facts (13 pics)

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1 Random Facts (13 pics)

Australia is wider than the moon.

2 Random Facts (13 pics)

Manatees control their buoyancy by farting

3 Random Facts (13 pics)

A Buttload is an actual unit of measurement for about 126 gallons of wine.

4 Random Facts (13 pics)

Horny toads can squirt blood from their eyes up to 30 feet.

5 Random Facts (13 pics)

The island of Java has more people than the entirety of Russia. Despite being 170 times smaller in size.

6 Random Facts (13 pics)

That drain hole at the inside top of a sink is called a porcelator.
Won $1000 on a radio show back in the day for knowing that.

7 Random Facts (13 pics)

By the time the Aztec empire was founded, Oxford University was as old as the United States is today.

8 Random Facts (13 pics)

That dead ants produce a pheromone that alerts the other ants that they need to move them to the ant graveyard. If a drop of this pheromone is placed on a live ant, it will take itself to the graveyard and stay there until the pheromone dissipates.

9 Random Facts (13 pics)

When you get a tattoo laser removal, you pee out the ink particles.

10 Random Facts (13 pics)

Spiders purr.

11 Random Facts (13 pics)

Some tribes of ancient people used to tie up a goat, whisper their sins to it, then allow it to "accidentally" escape so it would carry their sins away and thus resolve them of guilt.
It was, literally, their "escape goat" and that's where the term scapegoat comes from.

12 Random Facts (13 pics)

Elephant pe**ses are prehensile and can move on their own like trunks (I.e. to scratch their belly or as an extra support leg on uneven terrain).

13 Random Facts (13 pics)

A liver consists of two distinct lobes. When doctors perform a transplant from living patient, they remove half the donor’s liver and give it to the recipient. Eventually, both patients regrow their missing half of a liver.

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