Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

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This person who found a walkie-talkie rigged to be on at all times stashed in the chimney of their home, aka it's definitely time to move, besties!!!!!:

1 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

"We hired a chimney specialist today, and they found this. They said, 'Well, this is a first.'"

This hiker, who found this twine-wrapped specimen menacingly sitting inside a tree, aka the perfect opening scene to a horror movie:

2 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

This boyfriend — named Nick — who went into the attic of his girlfriend's apartment and found his name carved into the wall with a pentagram underneath:

3 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

"Found this in my girlfriend's loft. She only moved in three months ago and says she has never been up there. Guess what my name is..."

The daughter who received this unsettling text from her mom — who was sleeping just a few doors down — in the middle of the night:

4 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

"My mom is older and never uses her phone except for phone calls. This morning I checked my text messages at work, and I noticed a message from her phone that was sent at 12 a.m. last night.

She lives with me and my husband, and we all went to sleep at the same time (10:30–11). Normally, she watches TV in her room and will fall asleep with it on all night, but last night — when I got up at midnight and 3 a.m. to take my dog out to use the bathroom — her light and TV were off, and her door was open. So, I know she slept the entire night. I called her after I read it and asked her why she texted me that last night, and she told me she doesn’t know how to text... I will be smudging my house today after work"

The person who just wanted to have a nice carbonated beverage and instead is getting some secret, paranormal message via bubbles:

5 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

This person, who found a dirty footprint hiiiigh up on their wall, leading to the attic:

6 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

"My house is a poor man’s Victorian; it was built in 1893, and once or twice a year for the last 6 years I’ve lived here, I magic erase the door frames, switches, and windowsills during a seasonal deep clean. Last October, I was deep cleaning my home and noticed a footprint about 8’ up the wall under the attic. I remembered my partner had been doing some attic work in the spring and figured it must’ve been left over from that.

When he came home, I asked him to wipe it up, since it was pretty inconsiderate to leave it for 6+ months without offering to clean it, as he’s usually pretty meticulous. He looked at me confused and said, 'What footprint?' I walked him up the stairs and pointed it out. He looked at it and back at me and flatly said, 'Why would I have been in the attic without shoes?' That is a very him response, as he’s very stoic and exceptionally more prepared for anything that I am.

He goes, 'Are you pranking me?' I wasn’t. We have no clue where the footprint came from or why it would be bare 8’ up."

This now-anonymous redditor, who was sent a photo OF THEMSELF via Airdrop hours after being outside, from a user named "Im watching u":

7 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

This person, who left their car window cracked open and came back to find that someone left these for them:

8 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

"So it’s some flowers in test tubes that were in this weird-smelling liquid (maybe old water). I’m just so disturbed by this. Not sure why someone would do this."

This person, who probably stumbled upon this pile of creepy masks left by a retired (or at least.....that's what they want you to think.....) slasher:

9 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

The target of this not-so-subtle serial killer who was definitelllllly put on their kill-list for telling them that they used the wrong "your" here:

10 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

This person who got LOCKED INSIDE THEIR BATHROOM because the cabinet right outside seemingly moved on its own, blocking the door:

11 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

"I live alone in a flat in the middle of nowhere in France. The flat is on the ground level and is a part of a bigger house which is only used sometimes by my landlord (during vacation mostly). I was in my bathroom for a few minutes, on the toilet, and no one else was home. When I was ready to come out, I couldn't open the door more than in the picture. My furniture was blocking it. Once again, I was home alone, nothing else in the apartment had moved, and nothing was missing. I heard nothing while I was in my bathroom, either.

My most plausible theory for now is that for some reason the vibration of my washing machine caused it to move? It was running, and it's built in to my kitchen countertop. The countertop is sealed on one side to the kitchen wall and on another to the wall that's shared with the bathroom. Maybe it moved through that? The cabinet is not touching the wall, and it's never happened before."

The bus driver who got this terrifying message, which is very much giving ~zombie apocalypse~:

12 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

This person (shoe footprints) who was working in what they thought was an abandoned basement.....but I guess not. :)

13 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

The DoorDasher who had to walk past this, uhhhh, suspicious door to deliver an order:

14 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

"Walked by this door in an apartment complex one night while delivering DoorDash. It leads to the garage for someone's unit."

The person who was casually walking around the cemetery and found this gravestone, which is giving either the opening scene or the closing scene of a scary movie about a curse:

15 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

This person, who found an unexpected package on their doorstep containing this creepy @$$ thing:

16 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

This fortune cookie fortune that seems like a threat planted by a scary movie killer, to be opened right before an all-out chase sequence:

17 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

The person who got this threatening text from a random number, which is very much giving Scream but for Gen Z'ers:

18 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

This tourist who was on the underground in London and found...several empty packages of raw meat??? Sans meat????:

19 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

The person — who, mind you, lives in TEXAS — who received an ominous letter from a random person in Poland.......WITH ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRITTEN ON IT. Like, there's gotta be invisible ink or something, right??

20 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

The manager who found this unknown trail-cam pointed at the BACK door of the restaurant she manages:

21 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

The unfortunate soul who just wanted to dig a new garden bed and instead unearthed THIS:

22 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

And finally, the redditor whose job it is to inspect every single one of these cars, which they do at night with a flashlight as seen below. This feels like nightmare fuel to me!!!! You cannot convince me something is not gonna jump out from behind one of those!!!

23 Really Creepy Finds (23 pics)

"I can't ever shake the feeling someone, or something, is going to jump out from one of these. Always hearing these weird whisper noises that I'm sure is the wind, but still makes your hair stand up."


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