Play the Jet X and win — bets strategies and tips

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1 Play the Jet X and win — bets strategies and tips

With JetX Canada gambling can be even more fun. This crash game was released by Smartsoft Gaming in 2019 and almost immediately hit the top 5 most popular casinos online. Thanks to its simple rules and unusual theme, JetX can be equally interesting for beginners and pros alike. Here you need to keep an eye on the airplane as it gains altitude and stop it before a huge crash. The winnings will depend on your choice and ability to correctly determine the moment of flight stop.

Learn how to play JetX: rules and settings of this game

So how to play JetX and win? The rules of this game are really simple, so you can get the first win almost at the beginning. Here are the main rules of the JetX bet game:

1. Install a bet size first (0.1 to 600).
2. Click the «‎Start».
3. Follow the aircraft gaining altitude.
4. Click «‎Cash Out» to get your money!

You need to click the «‎Cash Out» before there will be a crash. Otherwise, your bet and possible winnings will be annulated.

But don't be in a hurry, because the higher the airplane flies the higher the multiplier will be. The maximum value of the multiplier is 30000 x. You need to remember this before you start playing. Also, it's important to learn how to withdraw money from JetX if the winning will be calculated to your account.

Best Jet X strategies to try — find the best system to get winnings more often

Now that you know what is Jet X it's time to learn more about the possible strategies for this game that can be used to increase the chances of winnings. You don’t need to pay a predictor to win more, because all the statistics are already available in Parimatch Canada. And based on the latest stats you can understand what is the best moment to cash out the winnings.

One more great JetX strategy is to play till the minimum entry point. Due to this system, you will need to cash out money when the coefficient will be 1.1. For sure with such actions you won’t get impressive winnings. But you can also avoid the money losses and enjoy the minimum, but frequent winnings.

If you want to find a more effective strategy then try a Risky Tactic. Due to this system, you can hit a jackpot of x100+ on your bet. Learn the game stats first by analyzing the results of the previous rounds. Determine after what amount of time the game gives the maximum odds. After that wait till that moment and make your bet, cashing out the winning at the selected coefficient. This or any other strategies can be tested in demo mode for free.

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