Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

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"In 1836, The Directors Of The Bank Of England Received An Anonymous Letter, In Which The Author Claimed To Have Direct Access To The Gold In The Bank"

1 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"The directors assumed this to be a joke and simply ignored it.

However, sometime later, they received another letter, in which the enigmatic author offered to meet them at an hour of their choosing inside the main gold vault.

According to the bank’s website, the directors were intrigued but considered it impossible for someone to break into the vault without their knowledge.

Nevertheless, they agreed to the meeting and gathered together one evening, inside the vault as agreed.

To their great surprise, at the appointed time, a noise was heard beneath the floorboards, and a man popped up underneath their feet.

He was a sewer worker who had been working on repairs close to the Bank of England site at Threadneedle Street.

During his routine inspection, he had discovered an old drain that led directly underneath the gold vault inside the bank itself.

After a quick stock take, they realized that the sewer worker had not taken anything from the vault, despite having multiple opportunities to do so.

As a reward for his honesty, the directors gifted him £800, a sum that equates to £80,000 in today’s money."

"In 2019, A 5-Year-Old Michigan Boy Invitied His Kindergarden Class To Witness His Adoption. His Entire Class Showed Up"

2 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"This Wild Orangutan Tried To Save A Man From A Snake Infested Pond Believing That He Was In Danger. The Man Was Actually There To Remove Snakes From The Pond To Keep The Apes Safe. This Ape Made Repeated Attempts To Help The Man, By Reaching Out His Hand"

3 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"Chen Si Is A Man Who Spends His Weekends Visiting The Largest Bridge In China To Prevent People From Jumping. He Has Saved Over 300 People"

4 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"In 2001, Kenny Waters, A Man Wrongfully Imprisoned For 18 Years, Was Finally Released After His High School Drop Out Sister Went To Law School, So That She Could Prove His Innocence"

5 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"Daniel Kish Is A Blind Man Had To Have His Eyes Removed Before He Was 13 Months Old Because Of Eye Cancer"

6 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"He's mastered the ability of echolocation by clicking his tongue and listening to the echoes. He can ride his bike in traffic, recognize a building from as far away as 1000ft, differentiate specific kinds of cars. He is able to live a relatively normal life.Kish and his organization have also taught a form of echolocation to at least 500 blind children around the world."

"In 2015, Aitabdel Salem, A 41-Year-Old From Queens, Spent 5 Months In Jail At Rikers Island, One Of The Country's Most Notorious Prisons, Not Knowing That His Bail Was Just $2"

7 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"Salem was initially jailed on a $25,000 bail for allegedly attacking a police officer who was arresting him on charges of shoplifting on November 21, 2014.

Prosecutors for the case, however, failed to land an indictment, and a judge ordered Salem's release on November 28, 2014, just one week after his arrest.

Salem, however, still had to pay two $1 bail charges for two unrelated tampering and mischief charges.

The only problem: Salem didn't know just $2 could set him free. He remained in the overcrowded prison until May 2015."

"Richard Batista Gave His Wife A Kidney. Four Years Later, She Filed For A Divorce. During Court, Richard Demanded She Return His Kidney Or Pay $1.5 Million"

8 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"In 2001, Dawnell Batista was suffering from kidney disease and was in need of a transplant.

Richard, her husband at the time, offered to donate one of his kidneys. The transplant was a success, and Dawnell's health improved significantly.

However, the couple's marriage began to deteriorate, and they eventually divorced in 2005.

During the divorce proceedings, Richard made the surprising demand that Dawnell return the kidney he had donated to her or pay $1.5M in compensation, arguing that it was a gift given in the expectation of love and companionship, which had not been fulfilled.

It was ruled that organs in the United States may not be bought or sold, and donating one is considered a gift.

Richard did not get his kidney back or any compensation."

"In 2018, A Heroic Dad, Brad Lewis, Saved His Youngest Son From A Fatal Fall From A Balcony By Jumping After Him And Cradling Him To His Chest, Taking The Brunt Of The Impact"

9 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"He suffered a fractured skull among other injuries.

The incident happened when his son fired a toy Nerf gun and chased after the bullet onto the balcony - only for him to slip and lose his footing.

Both Brad and his son made a full recovery."

"In 2012, A German Kindergarten Teacher Named Ina Koenig Jumped Down A 75-Foot Mine Shaft When A 3-Year-Old Student Of Hers Fell Into It"

10 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"The shaft was filled with cold water, but Koenig managed to keep the child's head above the surface for over 2 hours, saving his life."

"Barry Marshall Was Convinced That The Helicobacter Pylori Bacteria Caused Stomach Ulcers, But No One Believed Him"

11 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"Since it was illegal to test his theory on humans, he drank the bacteria himself and developed ulcers within days.

He treated them with antibiotics and we on to win a Nobel prize in 2005."

"In 2009, Sgt. Dakota Meyer Disobeyed A Direct Order To Pull Back From His Position And Instead Rescued Wounded Soldiers From A Firefight Nearby"

12 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"He went back five times, saving the lives of 36 soldiers. When asked why he did what he did, he said: That's what you do for a brother."

"In Cluj, Romania, You Can Pay For Your Bus Ticket By Doing 20 Squats. Disabled And Elderly People Get To Ride For Free"

13 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"In 2007, Us Marine, Brian Dennis Befriended A Stray Desert Dog Called Nubs In Iraq. After The Dog Was Stabbed With A Screwdriver, The Marine Nursed Him Back To Health"

14 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"The two developed such a bond that when the unit left, Nubs picked up the scent and walked 70 miles through Iraqi desert warzone to be with him.

Nubs' miraculous journey forced the Marine's hand, and Dennis and his fellow Marines unanimously decided to keep the animal, building a doghouse at the camp.

When two military police officers told Dennis the dog could not stay at the camp, he decided the only way to properly keep the animal was to get it to the United States.

Dennis' family and close friends helped raise $3,500 to fly the dog to San Diego."

"On April 1, 2001, Hooters Offered Employees The Chance To Win A Toyota As Part Of A Beer Sales Contest"

15 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"One employee called Jodee Beery knocked it out of the park with sales and ended up winning the contest.

But instead of a car, she got a small package with a toy Yoda inside and

Hooters claimed the entire contest was only an April Fools’ joke.

A year later Berry and Gulf Coast Wings, Inc., the corporate owner of the restaurant, ended up with a settlement at court.

Berry cited breach of contract and fraudulent misrepresentation and walked out with an undisclosed sum of money in her pockets.

David Noll, her attorney, was quoted on saying that the amount of money the woman received would allow Jodee to “pick out whatever type of Toyota she wants.”"

"Earlier This Year, A Portuguese Dog Named Bobi, Set The Record For The Worlds Oldest Dog. He’s 30 Years Old"

16 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"In 1993, A Man Named James Scott Purposely Damaged A Levee And Caused A Massive Flood Of The Mississippi River Only To Stall His Wife From Coming Home So That He Could Party"

17 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"A Long Exposure Of A Plane Taking Off"

18 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"In 1994, A 73-Year-Old Man Who Was ‘Too Blind’ To Get A Driver's License Drove 240 Miles From Northwestern Iowa To Southwestern Wisconsin, On A 1966 John Deere Lawnmower To Visit His Brother, Who Recently Had A Stroke"

19 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"On good days he averaged about five miles an hour along U.S. 18. But about four days into the trip, the engine failed on his mower in West Bend, 21 miles from where he had started in Laurens, Iowa.

Straight spent $250 replacing points, the condenser, plugs, the generator and the starter.

He made it to Charles City, 90 miles from West Bend, when he ran out of money in mid-July, and had to camp out until his next Social Security check arrived.

By Aug. 15, he had made it to within two miles of his brother's house near Blue River, but then his mower broke down again. A farmer helped him push it the rest of the way.

In total, the journey took six weeks, and he inspired the 1999 film ‘The Straight Story.’"

"In 2001, Actor Mark Ruffalo Had A Realistic Dream That He Had A Brain Tumour"

20 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"Despite no previous signs, he went to see a doctor due to the vividness of his dream.

The doctor booked him in for a CAT scan discovered that Ruffalo did indeed have a brain tumor behind his ear, which was subsequently removed.

Ruffalo addressed the issue in 2011 with W magazine stating: “You just deal with it. You go on. I’m fine now, I only lost my hearing in one ear. I see it as kind of a gift in a weird way. Your priorities become very clear. My relationship to acting became very clear.”"

"Mt. Fuji From The International Space Station"

21 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"Li Jingzhi, A Chinese Woman, Was Reunited With Her Son, Jia Jia, Who Was Kidnapped In 1988"

22 Incredible Real-Life Stories (22 pics)

"On October 17, 1988, Jia Jia's father, known by his surname Mao, took the two-year-old boy out to play in their neighbourhood in the city of Xi'an.

Mr Mao then walked into a hotel to ask for a cup of water for the thirsty toddler, but when he returned, he realised his son had gone missing.

His mother then spent more than 32 years travelling across all of China, through 20 provinces and hundreds of towns looking for him.

During her quest, she helped reunite 4 different children with their families before eventually finding her own son.

It turns out Jia Jia had been sold to a family in Sichuan in south-western China for 6,000 yuan."


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