Scary Finds (22 pics)

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1 Scary Finds (22 pics)

"Our Airbnb Had A Translucent Bathroom Door. I’m Used To My Impatient Toddler Stalking Me Through The Door, But This Took It To A Much Creepier Level"

2 Scary Finds (22 pics)

"This Tall Guy In My Neighbor’s Yard Always Scares The Hell Out Of Me… It’s 2 Small Trees And A Satellite Dish"

3 Scary Finds (22 pics)

"My Daughter's Stuffed Dog Rolled Under Her Bed. Checking The Monitor Gave Me A Damn Heart Attack"

4 Scary Finds (22 pics)

"Bottled Water's True Nature"

5 Scary Finds (22 pics)

"Woke Up Scared Stiff Last Night When I Noticed A Victorian Ghost Floating At The End Of My Bed. Took Me A Few Minutes To Realise It Was My Clothes On The Door"

6 Scary Finds (22 pics)

"Just Some Regular Rubber Gloves Washing Accidentally Opened The Gate Of Hell"

7 Scary Finds (22 pics)

"Every Morning At 11 Or So, Window Man Shows Up And Scares The Bejesus Out Of Me (My Neighbor's Chimney)"

8 Scary Finds (22 pics)

"Poorly Colored Garden Hose Guaranteed To Give You A Heart Attack"

9 Scary Finds (22 pics)

"My Friend's Way Of Drying Shoes Scared Me A Bit. I Thought She Was Hanging Out Her 11th-Floor Window"

10 Scary Finds (22 pics)

11 Scary Finds (22 pics)

"This Is How My Husband Left His Boots. It Almost Scared The Hell Out Of Me"

12 Scary Finds (22 pics)

"My Neighbor Is Trying To End Me By Heart Attack"

13 Scary Finds (22 pics)

"Not Sure Why Your Cousin Was Freaked Out By Their Baby Monitor - This Is What Shows Up On Mine Every Night"

14 Scary Finds (22 pics)

"Canal In Copenhagen Nearly Gave Me A Heart Attack"

15 Scary Finds (22 pics)

"My Grandma Made A Knitted Toilet Seat Cover And The Corner Sticks Out A Bit, Nearly Gave Me A Heart Attack"

16 Scary Finds (22 pics)

"Creepy Statues All Over Town Made Me Nearly Pee My Pants At 2 Am"

17 Scary Finds (22 pics)

"For Halloween I Had An Inflatable Cat On My Roof. Last Night It Was Very Windy. This Is What Greeted Me When I Opened The Door This Morning"

18 Scary Finds (22 pics)

"Moving Furniture Around The Store And Glanced Over To Have This Scare The Hell Out Of Me. I Thought It Was A Customer"

19 Scary Finds (22 pics)

"My Daughter Just Came Around The Corner Wearing A Lavender Face Mask And Scared The Absolute Hell Out Of Me"

20 Scary Finds (22 pics)

"The Reflection Of The Fireplace Freaks Me Out For Just A Second Every Time"

21 Scary Finds (22 pics)

"Being An Asian, Seeing This At The End Of The Hallway When The Elevator Doors Open Scared Me Quite A Bit Because Of The Folklore Of The Ghost Lady In Red"

22 Scary Finds (22 pics)


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