DID YOU KNOW? Surprising Facts About Gambling

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Gambling is a hobby for millions of people around the world. The gambling industry is one of the fastest growing ones in the world today, and the numbers of punters worldwide are also steadily increasing. Yet, information many people know about this industry today is either myths, hearsay, or stale. 
Gambling enthusiasts at https://gambling-code.cz/ also believe that many modern-day punters are just as ignorant about the gambling industry as people who are unaffiliated with it. 

1 DID YOU KNOW? Surprising Facts About Gambling

Here are some facts you should know about gambling:

1. The house always wins

Every casino game has a house edge which is basically the expected percentage return to the casino on every wager. Regardless of how many jackpots and wins punters have, the casino still makes its profit, as there is always a difference between the true odds and the payout odds, according to tipsters at Gambling Code. A good example of true odds is 38-1 in the classic roulette game. 

2. The biggest casino win in history is over $35 million[/i]

Many punters dream of winning big and winning jackpots someday. That is why some gamblers find themselves in the casino at the time. However, people have won millions in seconds at the casino before, and it can happen to you too. One anonymous person walked into a Las Vegas casino one night to play slots; the wager was just $100. Shockingly, this anonymous person left the casino almost $40 million richer, multiplying the wager in so many folds. 

3. Online gambling is less than three decades old

No one can deny how rapidly the online gambling industry has grown. The sector has made billions, and millions of punters worldwide now o online to indulge in gambling activities. Shockingly, this online gambling sector which seems like it has been here forever, has been around for less than thirty years. The very first online casino was created in 1996, with InterCasino offering real money casino games first. In less than a year after that, there were over two hundred online gambling platforms. 

4. Las Vegas is no longer the home of casino gaming

Shocking? That is expected as many people popularly associate Vegas with casinos. When one hears Vegas, one automatically thinks of the casinos, entertainment, and nightlife. As the Sin City, there are also numerous exquisite casinos, so it is only natural to consider Vegas the mecca for casinos. However, recent reports suggest that the new mecca for casinos today is in China Macau. This might also be surprising again, as casinos are only allowed in Macau in the country. However, reports from leadership.ng notes that casinos in this city generate up to $30 million annually. This amount is at least seven times more than the amount made in any Las Vegas casino. Hence, you will agree that it is safe to call Macau, China, the new mecca for casinos. London, Monaco, Atlantic City, and Paris are also hotspots for casinos today.

[i]5. The average age of gamblers is reducing

Gambling used to be pierced as an activity for older people as most of the people you would typically find in casinos are older people. However, that has changed recently, as youths are more interested in the gambling industry than the elderly community. The average age of gamblers has reduced from 49.5 in 2019 to 43.5 in 2021, and it keeps reducing. With online gambling now in the picture, the average age of gamblers is expected to continue to increase as games evolve to pique the interests of the younger generations of today. Many youths now play these casino games even more than older adults, as all it takes odya is a good gadget and internet connectivity. 

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