Best PAMM Accounts Brokers by TU Experts

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Traders Union (TU) experts have undertaken a comprehensive analysis of the forex trading landscape, focusing on identifying the top brokers offering PAMM account services in 2023. As forex trading gains popularity, investors, including those seeking PAMM, are increasingly searching for reliable brokers. To cater to this demand, TU experts have compiled a list of the top 5 PAMM account brokers.

1 Best PAMM Accounts Brokers by TU Experts

What are PAMM Accounts?

PAMM, or Percentage Allocation Management Module, is a type of investment account in which an experienced trader manages the pooled funds of multiple investors. The profits and losses generated by the trader are proportionally distributed among the investors according to their share of the total investment. PAMM accounts offer a convenient way for investors to benefit from the expertise of professional traders without having to actively participate in the trading process themselves.

How to Choose a Reliable Broker to Open a PAMM Account?

Selecting a trustworthy broker for your PAMM account is crucial for ensuring success in the forex market. TU experts recommend considering factors such as the broker's reputation, regulatory compliance, and the quality of their PAMM account service. Additionally, it is essential to assess the broker's operational history, minimum deposit requirements, payment systems, and customer reviews.

TOP 5 PAMM Brokers in 2023

Based on their comprehensive analysis, TU experts have identified the following top 5 PAMM brokers:


FxPro is known for its transparency, competitive pricing, and advanced trading tools. Their PAMM account service enables investors to diversify their portfolios by selecting multiple managers, which can lead to increased profitability.


RoboForex offers a variety of assets and trading platforms, as well as access to the CopyFx platform. This feature allows investors to leverage the expertise of successful traders, making RoboForex a suitable choice for PAMM account investors.

IC Markets

IC Markets is praised for its fast execution, tight spreads, and deep liquidity. Their user-friendly PAMM account service provides real-time reporting, which can be especially helpful for novice traders looking to learn from experienced professionals.


Pepperstone offers a diverse range of financial instruments and advanced trading platforms. With low spreads and high leverage, Pepperstone is a top choice for investors seeking a reliable PAMM account broker.

Pocket Options

Pocket Options is an innovative broker that specializes in binary options trading. Offering a wide selection of assets and low deposit requirements, Pocket Options is an excellent option for traders interested in PAMM accounts.

Advantages and disadvantages of PAMM brokers, how to achieve success in PAMM investing, and other useful information you can find on the Traders Union official website.

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