Romantic Deeds (21 pics)

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“Take note, boys, this is how you do valentine’s day right.”

1 Romantic Deeds (21 pics)

“My wife, knowing I love sandwiches and don’t like the typical romantic stuff on Valentine’s Day, made me a bouquet of meat roses.”

2 Romantic Deeds (21 pics)

“My girlfriend is really into collecting Hot Wheels, so I thought it would make a cute little gift for her on Valentine’s Day.”

3 Romantic Deeds (21 pics)

“Art made for my wife. Where we met, got married, and live.”

4 Romantic Deeds (21 pics)

“Handmade box with homemade cakes and chocolates for my husband, who I call Puddin.”

5 Romantic Deeds (21 pics)

“Handmade box with homemade cakes and chocolates for my husband, who I call Puddin.”

6 Romantic Deeds (21 pics)

“I made the D-gift Basket for my boyfriend, and he got me everything in the second picture.”

7 Romantic Deeds (21 pics)

8 Romantic Deeds (21 pics)

“After being with my girlfriend for almost 8 years, I finally made it into the family calendar!”

9 Romantic Deeds (21 pics)

“Every year, my girlfriend and I make our own Christmas cards with our cats.”

10 Romantic Deeds (21 pics)

“When you have the best boyfriend ever!”

11 Romantic Deeds (21 pics)

“My girlfriend made me a ham and potato cake for my birthday since I don’t like sweets.”

12 Romantic Deeds (21 pics)

“My long-distance-relationship girlfriend and me recently met for the first time in 3 years.”

13 Romantic Deeds (21 pics)

“She gave me a box of letters and told me to open it when I returned home. This was inside, and it made me tear up while smiling.”

“A surprise Valentine’s Day gift from my fiancé. I’ve wanted a bloodhound for as long as I can remember, and now she’s all mine!”

14 Romantic Deeds (21 pics)

“Made this for my wife for Valentine’s Day. 3 mm wood from Dollar tree.”

15 Romantic Deeds (21 pics)

“When I proposed to my wife, we were dirt-poor college kids, so the ring I gave her was really inexpensive.”

16 Romantic Deeds (21 pics)

“15 years and 4 kids later, I’m going to surprise her with a long overdue upgrade tomorrow morning.”

“One year ago, I bought my wife the Bookstore modular. That was her first experience with Lego. This is her town today.”

17 Romantic Deeds (21 pics)

“My boyfriend and I exchanged gifts early for Valentine’s. His gift for me? A rose he made himself in the shop.”

18 Romantic Deeds (21 pics)

“My husband gifted me a bucket list item for my birthday this year. I got to go play with baby otter pups!”

19 Romantic Deeds (21 pics)

“My wife loves flowers but doesn’t like it when they die, so I learned how to fold them to make them last.”

20 Romantic Deeds (21 pics)

“After 17 Valentine’s days together, my wife and I have perfected the holiday celebration.”

21 Romantic Deeds (21 pics)


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