5 Reasons Why Online Casinos Are Gaining Popularity in Canada

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Online gambling has been steadily gaining popularity all over the world ever since the first casino opened its doors. Slowly, other countries around the world cottoned onto this popularity, allowing online casinos to operate in their jurisdiction. One of the most recent countries that have seen a rise in people playing online casino games is Canada.

1 5 Reasons Why Online Casinos Are Gaining Popularity in Canada

We’re going to dive into why people have been flocking to the best online casino Canada has to offer, so if you’ve been wondering why these sites are gaining so much traction, wonder no longer!

Reason no.1 - a huge variety of games and software

One of the main reasons Canadians are loving online casino sites is pure and simple: there’s a massive variety of software to play on! Land-based casinos have a limited amount of space, which means a limited amount of games - online casinos don’t suffer from this problem.

You can find casino games that come in all themes - you’ve got classic slot games action with games like Starburst, themed games such as The Avengers, well-loved table games like roulette and so much more. Each different casino will carry a whole different array of games for players to explore and try out, and they’re always updating their roster.

It’s not odd to find Canadian casinos carrying 2,000+ games in their lobby. This means no matter what type of game a player is after, there is almost always something they’ll like!

Reason no.2 - Better accessibility

Canada has recently changed its gambling laws, with some of the provinces opening up to allow outside companies to offer casino games. This has opened up a whole new world of entertainment for the people within these jurisdictions and online casino brands are flocking to get their sites registered in provinces like Ontario.

Technology has also enabled the rise of mobile casinos. Players are no longer locked to their desktop computers - HTML 5 enables casino games to run smoothly no matter the size of the device they’re played on.

Reason no.3 - Incredible bonuses and promotions

The incentives that are on offer at an online casino can be the deciding factor in whether a new player signs up. Canadian online casinos certainly have no problem in offering generous welcome bonuses and that’s because of two reasons.

The first is the fact that they’re new, so they’re in a bid to entice as many new players as possible. This has led to bonuses such as hundreds of free spins and high match deposits being offered.

The second is the fact that more and more competition is popping up. This increase in competition means that online casinos are trying to outdo one another, thus offering better bonuses.

Both of these are great news for Canadian players!

Reason no.4 - Safe payment methods and platforms

Getting deposits into a casino and getting winnings out is a key part of any casino player's reason for playing. They want to be able to safely and quickly withdraw or deposit funds.

Thankfully, there’s a huge array of different means of both depositing and withdrawing at Canadian online casinos. From traditional bank and debit cards to eWallets such as PayPal or Zimpler and even prepaid cards like Paysafecard. All of these methods are trustworthy, safe and pretty fast at moving money around, meaning Canadians aren’t stuck around waiting.

Reason no.5 - it’s a time saver

Finally, playing your favourite casino games online is a huge time saver. If you wanted to enjoy the same gameplay in a land-based casino, you’d have to waste time locating one, checking if they have any deals or promotions, if they have your favourite game, getting ready, travelling to the venue, sorting out your ID, finding the game you like, cashing in, cashing out and getting home.

You have almost none of that kerfuffle when you play games online. You simply have to log in and you’re ready to go. Getting into playing your favourite game can be done in a matter of minutes - all from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

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