Five Bands Who Embraced The Casino Age

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Being in a band - especially a rock band - is the ultimate dream for millions of people all over the world. If your band is great and people want to see you live and buy your records, you could live a life of superstardom. However, the rock and roll lifestyle has a shelf life even if you can avoid the worst of that lifestyle's excesses. Rock bands and musicians tend only to be seen as "cool" while they're young. The older they get, the harder it is to hold the attention of the public that once adored them.

As bands and musicians get older, they have a few options if they want to carry on making money. The first option is to keep going on tours and releasing albums, often with dwindling returns each time. The second - and some would say smarter - option is to "sell out" by expanding on merchandising and turning the band into a brand. In the past ten years, we've seen some of the biggest bands of all time explore a new field in that regard - they've started licensing their likenesses and back catalogues to the people who make casino games.

If you’ve never checked in on branded online slots or casino games before, you might be surprised at what you find. Things have changed a lot since slot machines were dusty cabinets in the corner of your favourite bar. The slots of today come in hundreds of shapes and sizes, including branded titles connected to your favourite musicians, celebrities and sports teams. Based on the information available at Sister Site, which keeps its eyes on what’s hot and what’s not in the world of online casinos, games with musical connections are among some of the most popular of them all. The more people play the games, the more the musicians make. It’s a win-win for everyone - except, in some cases, the players who end up out of pocket.
With all of the above in mind, let’s check out five bands who’ve cashed in on the casino trend.


Motorhead was one of the greatest British heavy metal bands of all time, famed the world over for hits like “Ace of Spades.” We say “was” because we’ll sadly never see Motorhead perform live or release new music ever again after their iconic frontman Lemmy passed away in 2015. If you want to hear hits while chancing your luck on the reels, though, you can check out the official Motorhead online slots game. It was released by NetEnt, a Swedish casino games developer, in 2016, with low volatility and a return-to-player rate of 96.98%. The combination of high(ish) RTP and low volatility ought to make bankroll management easier than it would be with some of the other slots on this list. Every member of Motorhead, including Lemmy, makes an appearance in the game, and the "bomber" feature could deposit stacked wild symbols on the reels after any spin.


It's still possible to see KISS live if you want to, but you won't be hearing any new music from them. The band has threatened retirement many times, but the oldest members of KISS are now in their seventies, and the current "End of the Road World Tour" is supposed to be the last one the legendary face-painted glam rock band will ever undertake. The version of KISS that appears in the "KISS: Shout it Out Loud" slots game by WMS looks a lot younger than the real band - and that's not just because the game is nearly ten years old. It's because the band members appear as cartoons. It's a multicoloured spectacle of a casino game with as many as twelve rows in play at any one time and high volatility. RTP is 95.9%.


You need to be quite a heavy metal aficionado to be familiar with the work of Megadeth, but the band has a worldwide army of fans. You’ll probably have seen the Megadeth logo even if you’ve never heard their music, as it’s often to be found stitched into denim or onto the leather jackets of motorcycle riders. The official Megadeth slot is a slightly more exotic creation than those we’ve looked at thus far, as it was made by an Argentinian studio called Leander Games in 2012. The slot’s average volatility and 96.97% RTP aren’t anything to write home about, but the bizarre bonus feature where you choose between hooded prisoners in the hope of finding a female one is. Quite what that has to do with metal music is anybody’s guess, but the soundtrack is as great as you’d hope for.

Motley Crue

We've cheated a little by including the official Motley Crue online slots game because it hasn't officially been released yet, but then again, how could we not include the official Motley Crue online slots game when we know there's one coming? The slot is officially slated for release on December 22nd from Play'n Go, making it an unlikely Christmas gift to the world. Play'n Go is a studio known for making some of the most popular slots in the history of the format, including "Book of Dead," so if the official Motley Crue slot is on par, it should be quite a creation. From the previews we've seen, the graphics look outstanding, and the wild multiplier symbols carry a lot of potential. RTP is scheduled to be 94.2% with average volatility.

Guns N Roses

There was only ever going to be one place where we could finish this list, and that's with the official Guns N Roses online slots game from NetEnt. It was a little late to the party with its 2016 launch, but it's the most popular "jukebox" online slots game ever made and is still one of the most popular online slots of any description available in the marketplace. Aside from having a soundtrack comprising the greatest hits of one of history's greatest rock bands, the game has an almost-unbelievable number of bonus features and a concert setting that feels almost like being at a real venue. It's the best musical casino game ever made and offers 94.07% RTP with slightly below-average volatility.

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