The Best Way To Grow Medical Cannabis Seeds

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1 The Best Way To Grow Medical Cannabis Seeds

The process of growing medical cannabis plants is relatively easy if you know what you're doing. Unlike autoflowering plants, feminized seeds are easier to germinate. Several methods are available, including the use of mini-greenhouses and starter pods. In addition to using the right growing medium, you'll also want to monitor the sex of your seedlings. For best results, always purchase the best weed seeds in the world.

Feminized Seeds Are Easier To Grow Than Auto-Flowering Plants

The first difference between feminized medical marijuana seeds and auto-flowering plants is the length of the flowering period. The former can take as little as 8 weeks to complete the entire process, while autoflowers require around 12 weeks to reach T-break. Both autoflowers and feminized cannabis plants can produce marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, but autoflowers tend to be easier to grow and harvest.

Growing marijuana is not just about building a stash; it is a complicated process. Growing a cannabis plant is an art, so be prepared to learn a lot of details. There are three main types of seeds for growing cannabis: autoflowering, feminized, and regular. Each type has distinct benefits and drawbacks. Some breeders prefer one type over another.

Mini-Greenhouses With Starter Pods

If you're thinking about growing medical cannabis in your backyard, you may be wondering how to obtain seeds from reputable companies. If you're in a legal state, such as California, you can legally purchase cannabis seeds. Although it is still illegal to purchase seeds from out-of-state sources, many mail-order enthusiasts don't worry about legal consequences. After all, marijuana seeds can be grown in any climate.

After soaking cannabis seeds in water overnight, you'll need to plant them in your next growing medium, such as soil, coco, or peat. Make sure they stay moist, and store them in a cool, dark place. To accelerate the germination process, it's important to saturate the seeds with water several times a day, so that they can absorb the moisture and begin to sprout.

Monitoring The Sex Of Your Seedlings

There are several methods for monitoring the sex of your medical cannabis seed plants. One of these methods uses DNA analysis to determine the gender of your cannabis plants. Female cannabis plants have a specific genetic sequence, whereas males do not. These DNA-based methods are faster and require less labor than visual inspection. Medicinal Genomics developed the FemINDICAtor qPCR plant sex detection assay, which has been successfully demonstrated in Colorado Seed Inc. lab.

Often, cannabis plants will become hermaphrodite due to stress. This can come from bad weather, disease, nutrient deficiencies, or poor genetics. Hermaphrodite plants will produce anthers, which are sometimes referred to as bananas. To prevent this from happening to your cannabis plant, you must monitor the sex of its seedlings. Hermaphrodites can ruin a whole crop.

Freezing Cannabis Seeds

Before storing your cannabis seeds for medical cannabis, you should be aware of the risks associated with freezing them. Seeds should not be exposed to light or temperature fluctuations and should not be removed from their packaging until you're ready to use them. Keeping your seeds in the refrigerator or freezer is not essential; however, some people prefer it because seeds are less likely to suffer damage from constant temperature changes and light exposure. 

When storing cannabis seeds, you should store them in a refrigerator with a humidity level of 6% to 9%. In addition, you should avoid placing the container in direct sunlight and expose it to high humidity. Light can cause the seeds to sprout and flower, so store them in a dark, cool location. To avoid damaging your seeds, add an uncooked rice hull to the container. This will absorb moisture, preventing the seeds from rotting.

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