How To Have A Healthy Sex Life

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1 How To Have A Healthy Sex Life

Many older people, or those of certain cultures, see sex as something to hide away from and to stay hush-hush about.

But in 2022, more younger people are talking openly about sex, which is great, as it is healthy and is seen as essential by most people to keeping most relationships going. However, a few years into a relationship (2 by the opinion of most sex therapists), you have to work to keep things ticking over. Therefore, you may need a few tips on how to have a healthy and fun sex life.

What is the best way to do this? Read on!

Try Out Some Toys

Sex toys can be a godsend for many people, especially those who may be with someone who has medical problems and can't perform as well as they used to. Sex toys are now designed for a range of different purposes, with many now aimed at same-sex couples, such as Wet For Her's lesbian sex toys. Of course, while it can be fun to simply spring a sex toy on your partner if you are opting for a higher-end toy, you may want to ask them about it first to ensure that they will like it.

Educate Yourselves

Some people find sex scary because they don't know much about it, and when they get into a relationship, the idea of trying new things can be scary. But don't worry! You aren't alone in this area, and there are tonnes of resources available online to help you, from podcasts by sex therapists to books on the art of sex itself. But remember, your partners' sexual tastes may differ from the next person's, so be sure to try out everything on them, and if they don't like it, try something else. Everyone is different!

Use Lubrication

Many people assume that the vaginal passage is always going to wet, but this is not the case, and if you are part of an older couple, vaginal dryness is something to be expected as your partner enters perimenopause or even menopause itself. To maintain a healthy sex life, it is well worth investing in some water-based lubricant. This will help to keep sex fun and avoid discomfort for your partner. If there are ongoing issues with lubrication, then it may be worth asking your doctor for some vaginal estrogen suppositories to help with lubrication.

Hugs and Kisses Help

Sex is great in a relationship, but can you imagine if that was where the intimacy ended? For most people, this kind of relationship is hollow, so aim for lots of hugs, kisses, and just intimate touching if possible. Massages are great, but even running your fingers through your partner's hair or across their back can be beneficial to keeping your sex life healthy.

Explore Fantasies Together

Everyone has sexual fantasies, whether it is your partner dressing up like a maid or having them clad from head to toe in PVC. Explore these together, and don't feel embarrassed! It's fun, and you and your partner can have a great time trying out some new things with each other.

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