Why Commercial Truck Drivers Love Their Job

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1 Why Commercial Truck Drivers Love Their Job

Driving is stressful for many people, but there are people who choose to drive for a living, like commercial truck drivers. Although driving a semi-truck is a stressful job, there are several reasons people stick with it for so long.

If you’ve always wondered why commercial truck drivers love their jobs, despite the difficult deadlines and stress, here are the top five reasons.

1. Some truck drivers work for themselves

The commercial trucking industry has plenty of room for self-employed owner-operators, and many truck drivers take this route in order to have more freedom. Self-employed truck drivers get to choose their jobs, set their own routes, and avoid the pressure of delivering loads under impossible timelines.

Although that freedom is attractive, self-employed CDL holders have more responsibilities since they either buy or lease their truck. Normally, the trucking company pays for repairs and maintenance, but that becomes a self-employed driver’s responsibility.

When a semi-truck needs repairs it can be expensive, so some drivers opt to lease a newer truck. Leasing a new truck is a good option, but some buy used trucks to avoid taking on more debt. Buying a truck is more affordable than it seems; used semi-trucks from Canada cost around 30% less due to the exchange rate favoring the U.S. dollar.

Either way, the freedom of self-employment is worth taking on the extra responsibilities.

2. Casinos have amazing food

Truck drivers often live off of fast food and meals from truck stops and local diners along their routes. Sometimes they also stop at casinos, and you might be surprised to learn that some casinos have amazing food. For instance, a lot of truck drivers enjoy stopping at the casinos in Vegas and Reno.

Even those who don’t enjoy gambling love the food, since it’s more than just the usual buffet lineup of fruits, pasta dishes, and sliced meats. For instance, these casinos often have buffets with all-you-can-eat lobster.

3. Staying in a hotel feels even more amazing

Periodic hotel stays are another reason truck drivers enjoy their jobs. Once in a while, drivers will stay overnight at a high-end hotel or a hotel connected to a truck stop with luxury amenities. For instance, some of these spots have spa suites with a giant hot tub in each room.

A night of luxury after being on the road for so long is a huge plus for many truck drivers. Living like a king for the night gives them a feeling of renewal and recharge that feels much better than getting even the best night’s rest in their sleeper.

It seems like a small perk, but for those who love being on the road most of the time, getting that one night of luxury is enough to keep them going.

4. The scenery is peaceful

Truck drivers get to see plenty of amazing scenery on their routes, and sometimes that scenery is incredibly peaceful. The morning sunrises and evening sunsets, the mountains, the hills, and even the desert can be incredibly peaceful.

Those who drive trucks truly get to experience the world, despite being inside the cab. On long trips to new places, the change of scenery can be captivating. Still, familiar scenery – when beautiful – never gets old.

5. The seclusion is desirable

Some people love seclusion and will seek that seclusion in any way possible. Being around people all the time can be exhausting for some people. Truck drivers aren’t entirely isolated, but it limits social interaction. The ability to be alone most of the time is a big draw for some who choose to drive a commercial truck.

For those who love driving, there’s something alluring about traveling across the country, alone, in the early morning when the roads are mostly clear. Listening to music and watching the sun rise as the rest of the world wakes up feels magical.

This type of peace isn’t easy to find with a 9-5 desk job; you can’t experience the world from inside an office like you can from inside a truck cab.

Truck drivers keep the economy together

Truck drivers play an essential role in supporting the economy by transporting goods from one place to another, often between long distances. It’s a good thing many truck drivers enjoy their jobs because our economy wouldn’t function without them.

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