How to Renovate Your Bathroom Without Breaking the Bank

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1 How to Renovate Your Bathroom Without Breaking the Bank

The master bathroom is the most private space in your home. It should also be one of the most luxurious. (If you don’t leave your bathroom feeling pampered, something is wrong.) Thankfully, it’s possible to renovate your bathroom without overpaying.

Why Renovate Your Bathroom?

When it comes to your house, there are lots of places where you can put your money. The kitchen is obviously a huge focal point for many homeowners. The same goes for the living room, outdoor living spaces (like decks and screened porches), and landscaping.

Why, then, should you consider allocating your renovation dollars to your bathroom? Here are a couple reasons why:

• Comfort. Your bathroom is where you start the day and end the day. It’s one of those spaces where you expect to feel safe, comfortable, and even pampered. By renovating your bathroom, you can tailor this space to satisfy your individual needs.

• Cost. Zillow data suggests bathroom remodels yield some of the beefiest returns at resale. “For minor cosmetic changes, you’ll see a $1.71 increase in home value for every $1 you spend. This includes things like painting and refinishing cabinets, swapping out the mirror or upgrading hardware,” Zillow explains. Major bathroom remodels don’t provide quite the same return, but you can still expect a net positive ROI when it’s all said and done.

When you combine the comfort factor and the ROI, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners are investing in master bathroom renovations and upgrades. The only question is, where do you start?

5 Bathroom Upgrades Worth Investing In

Every bathroom has its own nuances. And each homeowner has their own preferences and budget. However, there are several bathroom upgrades that are almost always worth investing in. Let’s take a look!

1. Upgrade the Lighting

Seemingly small details like lighting can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your bathroom. Most basic bathrooms have just one light source. By adding multiple sources of light, you can instantly elevate your bathroom’s design. Options include mirror lights, lamps, vanity lights, and even chandeliers over tubs. When installing bulbs, go with LED lights. Not only do LEDs last longer, but they’re also much more energy efficient.

2. Replace the Vanities

Your bathroom vanity takes up a lot of visual space in the bathroom. If you’re unhappy with your current vanity – or have your eye on a different style – upgrading can give your bathroom a totally new look.

Here are some ideas for bathroom vanity makeovers. However, if you’re looking for something totally fresh, try shopping around local building supply stores. You’ll find plenty of good options.

3. Add a Bidet

A bidet toilet seat is a great addition to any bathroom. Not only does it instantly increase your comfort, but it’s also very cost-effective.

“At its core, a bidet toilet seat operates using two main mechanisms: water pressure and nozzle position control,” BidetMate explains. “The water pressure mechanism controls the amount of water released from the bidet seat's sprayer head, while the nozzle position control determines where that water will be directed.”

Bidet toilet seats can be purchased online and installed on a DIY basis with just a couple of basic tools.

4. Upgrade the Flooring

Flooring is one aspect that can make or break the aesthetics and comfort of your bathroom. Aesthetically, you want it to look fresh, clean, and updated. If you have old white hexagonal tile, swapping it out for some faux wood tile can instantly breathe new life into your bathroom.

If you do opt for a new tile, you might also consider installing some sort of heated flooring component beneath the flooring. This allows you to warm up the tile in the colder months so it’s comfortable on your bare feet.

5. Add Speakers

Who doesn’t love to jam to some good tunes when getting ready for a night out with friends? Or what about relaxing to some slow beats while soaking in the tub? Adding speakers to your bathroom is a great way to make bathroom jam sessions easy and accessible.

Adding it All Up

If you’re willing to put a little bit of money into your master bathroom, you can turn it into a comfortable and luxurious space that also generates a positive ROI whenever you decide to sell. Keep the aforementioned upgrades in mind and don’t be afraid to add some of your own to the list. This is your bathroom – you’re in charge!

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