Crypto exchanges comparison: WhiteBIT vs Binance

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1 Crypto exchanges comparison: WhiteBIT vs Binance

In order to buy, exchange, and store cryptocurrency, users need to register on online platforms that enable such operations with digital currencies. These are crypto exchanges and brokers. Crypto exchanges are real virtual exchange offices, where a person earns on the price difference of cryptocurrencies, buying at a lower price and then selling at a higher price. Brokers allow making more transactions, for example, earning on a spread, through CFD.

This article will provide a cryptocurrency exchange comparison between platforms WhiteBIT and Binance.


The crypto exchange WhiteBIT is gaining popularity. It offers over 400 trading pairs, including the most common in the market (BTC, ETH, LTC, btcusdt etc.). It is a young platform founded in 2017 in Estonia and licensed by a European regulator. The exchange has got over 2 million registered users. The daily trade volume reaches $1 billion. The platform complies with all the KYC and AML standards.

The WhiteBIT exchange offers:

• buy, sell, swap, invest in crypto;
• purchase crypto with fiat currencies;
• margin trading;
• crypto exchange price comparison;
• trading with leverage.


The next platform in our crypto exchange comparison is Binance. This platform unites the digital assets exchange and a virtual wallet. Binance and WhiteBIT are among the most common and often used platforms. Binance daily trade volume reaches $17 billion.

Users can replenish their balance with fiat currencies. Binance offers a basic and advanced interface, depending on users' requirements. The minimal deposit on Binance after registration is 1 dollar, so there are no limitations, and users can replenish their balance with credit cards or the way through transferring crypto from other wallets.
So we carried out a short crypto exchanges comparison, and now you know about these two credible platforms for trading, and it is up to you which of them to pick. 

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