Great Finds (49 pics)

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"Found This Unique Table While Thrifting. Very Intricate"

1 Great Finds (49 pics)

"A Lovely Bed For A Kid!"

2 Great Finds (49 pics)

"When You’re Lucky Enough To Wake Up At 3 Am To Use The Bathroom And Log Onto Facebook Marketplace And Find The Camper Of Your Dreams That You Wanted For Years"

3 Great Finds (49 pics)

"I Scored This Stunning Deep Scarlett Victorian Gown Exactly My Size!!"

4 Great Finds (49 pics)

"My Husband Was Pretty Much Paid $40 To Remove This From Someone’s Home"

5 Great Finds (49 pics)

"Trash Picked This Mcm Accordion Front TV Stand And Made A Dog Bed Out Of It!"


6 Great Finds (49 pics)

"I Found This Beautiful Royal Sealy Teacup"

7 Great Finds (49 pics)

"It has a bit of what looks like glue on the plate and side of cup. But other than that, beautiful! I can’t wait to drink out of it. (I know it probably has lead. I don’t care)"

"Look What I Got Today. I Have Wanted A Vanity Like This Since I Was About 12"

8 Great Finds (49 pics)

"I Recently Found 4 Sketches By Norman Bridwell Author Of Clifford The Big Red Dog"

9 Great Finds (49 pics)

"They are approximately 30 x 19 inches, they were laminated when I found them. They were given to a school after he did a talk there"

"1930’s Windsor Gas Oven"

10 Great Finds (49 pics)

"Here I Am In My Backyard In Last Saturday's Work Ensem, Which Is Basically A Dress (With A Full Petticoat Underneath) Over A Skirt"


11 Great Finds (49 pics)

"The vintage parts are the thrifted hat and gloves. All other parts (except for the skirt) were also thrifted, as was Kalmah's hat"

12 Great Finds (49 pics)

"I Now Have A Stone Apple To Go With The Stone Watermelon Slice And Stone Egg. Don’t Ask What I’m Doing With My Life, I Have No Idea"

13 Great Finds (49 pics)

"Maybe Not The Most Practical Purchase Ever, But Saw The Giraffe In Goodwill Today And Couldn't Stop Thinking About Him"

14 Great Finds (49 pics)

"Kenneth Jay Lane 1960s Whimsical Starburst Ruby And Diamond Faux Costume Brooch In Immaculate Condition 3.99..."

15 Great Finds (49 pics)

"I Acquired This Ladies Art Deco Dresser Set And Think It’s Absolutely Fabulous"


16 Great Finds (49 pics)

"I Got This For $10!"

17 Great Finds (49 pics)

"Found This Beauty Literally On The Side Of The Road In A Pile Of Free Stuff"

18 Great Finds (49 pics)

"I Have A Love Hate Relationship With This Lamp"

19 Great Finds (49 pics)

"This 8 By 10 Photograph Was In A Vintage Dresser I Purchased"

20 Great Finds (49 pics)

"Cleaned And Organized This Vintage Sewing Kit! I Paid $5 For This And Contents At The Salvation Army!"


21 Great Finds (49 pics)

"A Book With A Bullet Hole"

22 Great Finds (49 pics)

"Published 1896. This is one of the coolest things I've ever found. Not only is it a trove of lost music and poems, it's well traveled, I found it in a dump of a thrift store in Hollywood, and I'm not the only one who has found it interesting. It has many inscriptions one states it was a gift from some store owner to her writer friend and she got it from TX which had traveled from South Carolina. (See below.) And stranger still? There is a freaking bullet hole in it! (The bullet is gone btw.) But why?! I wish I knew. Was it in someone's pocket? At a saloon? In someone's library? Why the bullet hole? Why?!"

23 Great Finds (49 pics)

"What A Find Today …early 50’s Bakelite Canister Salt Box And Spice Rack"

24 Great Finds (49 pics)

"My Find While Cleaning Out My Boyfriend's Parent's House!!"

25 Great Finds (49 pics)

"A Vintage Quilt My Grandmother Made In The 60s"


26 Great Finds (49 pics)

"My Vintage Thrifted Living Room"

27 Great Finds (49 pics)

"I Have Been Looking For A House Hippo Since I First Heard The Term In This Group"

28 Great Finds (49 pics)

"Today I found her! She’s 3” long, hand painted and vintage. Artists name is signed on bottom- Basil Matthews. There are several articles on House Hippos - I thought they brought good luck. And I’m sticking with the Good Luck theory"

"Scored This For $20. The Fan Blows Like A Category 5 Hurricane When I Get It Goin"

29 Great Finds (49 pics)

30 Great Finds (49 pics)

"Curious Kitty Sweet Honest Cologne By Avon. Found At My Favorite Little Boutique"


31 Great Finds (49 pics)

"The Lamp Shade Was My Late Mother's Waited Till I Found The Perfect Lamp For It."

32 Great Finds (49 pics)

"$5 Flea Market Find Near Taylor, Mi, It's So Fabulous I Had To Have It!"

33 Great Finds (49 pics)

"Picked This Up At A Flea Market This Morning. Not Sure How Old It Is… But I Love It"

34 Great Finds (49 pics)

"I Hope This Is The Right Place To Share: Alice In Wonderland Fans Will Enjoy These"

35 Great Finds (49 pics)

"I purchased, or should I say convinced my mom to purchase these whimsical earrings for me in the early nineties. They are polymer clay and marionette."

"Saw This At A Habitat For Humanity The Other Day. I Sat In It. It’s Still Calling Me. My Husband Didn’t Like It But I Think It Can Sit On The Back Porch Until Winter. Found In Anderson, Sc."


36 Great Finds (49 pics)

37 Great Finds (49 pics)

"Ladies And Gentlemen, Behold My Find Today… (Ignore The Little Shop Of Horrors Inside) $65 In Everett, Wa"

38 Great Finds (49 pics)

"I Bought This Lamp A Number Of Years Ago. It's Been In Storage For A While Until I Can Find The Appropriate Shade"

39 Great Finds (49 pics)

"So Wish I Could Bring This Home And Throw A Groovy Cocktail Party! But For $1,700 It’s Still In The Shop"

40 Great Finds (49 pics)


41 Great Finds (49 pics)

42 Great Finds (49 pics)

"I Pet Sat For My Daughter/Son In Law While They Had My Grandaughter At Cincinnati Children's Hospital For Scheduled Appointments For A Little Over A Week"

43 Great Finds (49 pics)

44 Great Finds (49 pics)

45 Great Finds (49 pics)

"My Mom Found Me This Vintage Madame Alexander Doll Today At Goodwill! It Is Jo From Little Women, One Of My Favorite Characters Ever. I Love It So Much!"


46 Great Finds (49 pics)

47 Great Finds (49 pics)

48 Great Finds (49 pics)

"One Of My Holy Grails!!! Ive Been Wanting One Forever! The Best Part Is It Was Free!!"

49 Great Finds (49 pics)


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