Immortal Things (39 pics)

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"Broilmaster P3! Dirty and a little used but for 140,i got the last grill I'll ever have to buy"

1 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"My great grandpa beat on this scout knife most of his life. 80 years old, and at least 40 years daily use"

2 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"Sears Craftsman Belt Sander. Given to me by a neighbor, said he got it when his daughter was born, she's 55"

3 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"Olu Kai. I have worn these every day, for hours, for 6+ years. Walk, ride boards, worked, beach use. Like really hard use and the only thing worn out is the neoprene. Tread and strapping are still in great shape. Looking into how to replace the neoprene"

4 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"Grip 6 Ninja Belt, 4 years old and still looking like new. I love the minimalistic look and functionality - almost no parts that can break."

5 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"6 months old and dead on the left; 50+ years old on the right and still hanging"


6 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"Little Tykes climber & slide. My grandfather bought this for me in 1985. It’s entertained countless cousins and nieces and nephews. Now my daughter plays on it. Poolside since 1995"

7 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"This Farberware electric frying pan my dad got as a wedding gift in 1967 is still going strong. The marriage failed but the pan remains"

8 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"Pentel TwistErase 0.7mm mechanical pencil - Made in Japan. 4+ years of engineering school and still as good as the day I bought it."

9 Immortal Things (39 pics)

10 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"Twenty six years old, 326,000 miles and still going strong. I love this thing."


11 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"To offset my previous eastern bloc post, here's a souvenir from GDR, or DDR, as you were. Original Richter math compass, 1983/4 thereabouts. Not inherited, bought for school. Some spare parts included."

12 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"Happy birthday to our refrigerator that turned 99 years old this month! She’s still going strong."

13 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"We’ve been using this waffle maker for many moons"

14 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"Found a dented old thermos that had a new handle Frankensteined on"

15 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"My daughter loves to cook so I rebuilt this Model 9B Mixmaster for her b'day, it's 70-75 years old and runs perfectly"


16 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"Infikey key ring. 6 years strong and the best five bucks I've ever spent"

17 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"After doing some research on this sub, I decided to pull the trigger on a Room & Board Parsons bed frame. Love that the design has been around for 40 years. Can confirm it’s sturdy as hell"

18 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"100+ year old hose nozzle from my great great grandfather. I change the gaskets every 5-10 years and it still works perfectly"

19 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"This keyboard is also BIFL: It's an IBM model F-XT from '83 that I use as my daily driver"

20 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"Enamelled items look like new after decades (if not chipped)"


21 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"My dad got this bike for smoking so many cigarettes 25 years ago. Hasn’t smoked in 24 years. He was about to throw it away last weekend. Got a tune up, rides perfect!"

22 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"I inherited this toaster from the 1920s around 10 years ago and it has worked great every single day"

23 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"1950 sears kenmore sewing machine"

24 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"Russian made binoculars BPC5, 8x30, made in 1983, CCCP era. Bought by my grandfather, passed on. Comes with a posh, sturdy leather case. No repairs to date. Post apocalyptic high tier item. Comes with yellow filters as well."

25 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"Boston Whaler - from Fisher / Dougherty era (1984 Outrage model pictured)"


26 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"I got 6 of these JAJ Pyrex steak plates at the tip shop for $12. They are older than the country of Singapore (1960s) and survived being thrown in a skip"

27 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"My Dyson is finally giving out, battery dying, expel mechanism faulty. Any other cordless vacuums that are just as durable and nimble to go around the corners? Or should I just get the next iteration V15/Outsize? This one is a V10"

28 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"Another testament to the quality of Herman Miller Chairs. I got this one at an office liquidation, only to find out it was manufactured in 1999. Still in great shape with no issues."

29 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"1986 SIS Sachs TC50. My dad bought it brand new when he was my age, now it's mine. 2 strokes never die"

30 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"My North Face Denali jacket from 2000 was built to last"


31 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"Looking to replace my favorite Flightlining gloves"

32 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"Toddler size (2T and 3T) Adidas track suits purchased 2009. About to enjoy a 5th childhood"

33 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"Got this for literally 5$ at the thrift store. I've only heard good things. It's a 2003 model Sony Dream Machine. Is it BIFL material?"

34 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"19...50s? GE electric percolator. It was my grandpas and now it's my dialy driver. makes a whole kettle of coffe with now filters, pods, or difficult to fill reservoirs. Also doubles as a tea kettle. No longer manufactured by GE, but they still make these and superior to coffee machines/kuerigs"

35 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"My HP 15c scientific calculator. I got it as a birthday present from my dad back in 1983 when I turned 16. It helped me through high school, was there when I got a masters in engineering and it has been with me for almost my entire career since then. It shows no signs of giving up anytime soon."


36 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"I've had this controller for like 15 years. Never had to fix anything, dropped it 100 times, still use it on PC like every day; also the best feeling controller I have"

37 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"I would highly recommend the 2002 Ford Ranger"

38 Immortal Things (39 pics)

"Black and Decker - Workmate 200. Left behind by former homeowners and brought back to life"

39 Immortal Things (39 pics)


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