How to buy bitcoins with a credit card without verification?

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1 How to buy bitcoins with a credit card without verification?

If you are a bitcoin trader or enthusiast who is planning to trade with cryptocurrencies, you probably want to stay "under the radar". Online anonymity is always welcome, but in situations like cryptocurrency trading, it can be a little tricky.

You do not want to leave online traces and maybe wonder how to buy cryptocurrency with a credit card without verification. The more people are interested in cryptocurrency trading, the stricter the laws and regulations become. 

However, the highlight of the bitcoin revolution from the very beginning is the circumvention of the general and well-known rules of trading in classic monetary currencies.

Anonimty and Security

The biggest attraction of bitcoin is the anonymity and "avoiding KYC verification" ways of buying bitcoin.

In addition to anonymity, security is an important factor. It is essential for you to care about how you bought bitcoin, but also where you stored it, ie. how secure your bitcoin wallet is.

Why Would Anyone Want To Buy Bitcoin Without Verification?

Every official document (ID, passport, credit card) is a lure for hackers and various types of manipulation and theft. In addition, anonymity is a matter of exclusivity, integrity, and power. 

Why would anyone bother so much about bitcoin, if it doesn't offer much more than the traditional monetary system?

Also, bitcoin has attracted many extremely rich people, who, of course, want to preserve their privacy at all costs. Most people want to invest in cryptocurrency trading in certain business niches, where anonymity is the biggest guarantee of success.

While it is logical to conclude that it is safer to know who you are trading with, within the bitcoin world this is not the case. The usual KYC verification is an ideal lure for hackers and fraudsters of all kinds. As much as the process is protected, it is often the not-so-safe human factor that leads to abuse. 

In the complicated process of KYC verification, human contact also occurs, which, of course, all hackers know, and they are patiently waiting for that moment.
Given that the attractiveness of cryptocurrency trading is constantly growing, the pressure on the bitcoin market is also growing. 

Such chaos raises doubts about the reliability of the bitcoin trade.

So, How And Where To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card Without Verification?

Using Crypto wallets

Crypto wallets are essential in the process of trading cryptocurrencies. They are one of the most important factors for a successful and safe trade. 

More precisely, crypto wallets are also a weak link because the possibility of hacking always exists.

So, you have so-called hot and cold wallets. 

To use the hot wallet you need an internet connection, you can use them as applications or online services that you access through a browser. Fraudsters do not target the wallet alone, but the intermediary - the platform that provided you with the wallet.

Cold wallets are a safer choice. They do not require an internet connection and are based on the use of good, old flash drives. Bitcoin storage software is in a flash drive. Cold wallet trading is safer, however, it does not support all cryptocurrencies.

Due to the fact that the cryptocurrency market is flooded with serious and experienced merchants, as well as fraudsters - trading cryptocurrencies with credit cards without verification is quite difficult. That, however, does not mean that it is not possible.

In most cases, bitcoin wallets require KYC verification, but there are somewhere they do not require absolutely all the data. However, you will probably need to enter card details and pay a certain fee.

Using exchangers

Basically, it's very simple. When you decide on the bitcoin exchange rate you want, the next step is to pay for the selected bitcoin,  and it arrives at the desired address very quickly. 

Although most charge a commission, the good thing is that you can use bots, like Wundertrading bots or similar.

Using Cryptomat

You can also use cryptomat to buy bitcoin without a verified credit card. Cryptopmats do accept cash and when you make a payment for the selected bitcoin, it is automatically stored in your wallet. 

The trick is to use cash. On the crypto machine, select the "Buy" option and enter the crypto wallet address. And that is it. You just have to wait longer to complete the bitcoin transaction to your wallet.

Using the P2P platform

There are many P2P platforms on the market, and which one you choose depends on the bitcoin you want to trade.

To buy a bitcoin via P2P platforms you can use the card and cash. Before embarking on the process, it is important to choose the terms of the transaction that suit you. 
Think carefully and select everything with the available filters. You will receive paid bitcoin-only after the seller's confirmation. Both sides are protected by the “escrow” cloud mechanism, where bitcoin will be stored until both sides confirm that all trade criteria have been met.

Be Careful

If you are persistent in trading bitcoin credit cards without verification or using cash - always be careful.

As an additional measure of protection, use maximally protected wallets, verified VPN services, and change the address of your crypto wallets frequently.

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