How to Make a Self-Published Book Look More Professional

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1 How to Make a Self-Published Book Look More Professional

It's possible to self-publish a book relatively inexpensively and quickly, but if you aren’t careful, your book could end up looking unprofessional. With a bad title, a sloppy cover, and messy interior pages, people are going to think less of your book – even if it’s well-written. That, in turn, could lead to lower sales, worse reviews, and a dead-end for the profitability of your self-publishing project.

So what steps can you take to make your book look more professional?

Work With the Right Printer

You can start by choosing the right printing company. Reliable printing companies take the quality of their work very seriously. They want to consistently produce materials that look and feel great to the end user; they also want to make sure all their products are printed consistently, so there are no deviations in terms of quality or appearance.

Selecting the right printing company is also important because it's going to determine the bulk of your costs. Different printing companies offer different pricing schedules, so try to find a printer that's inexpensive in addition to reliable.

Invest in Hardcover

If you're printing physical copies of your book, consider investing in hardcover options in addition to paperback options. Hardcover books cost more, but you can also charge more for them, enabling you to maintain your profit margin or reap even greater profits.

More importantly, hardcover books offer a distinguished, professional appearance that you can't find with paperbacks. It's a convenient and easy way to step up the professional image of your work.

Nail the Title

When people look at books, one of the first things they notice is the title. Accordingly, you need to nail the title, choosing the right combination of words and presenting those words with the right font, format, and color scheme.

Obviously, you'll need to think about the core content of your book when generating a title. But you should also gather outside information to help inform your decisions, such as:

· Market research. Introductory market research will help you understand who your target audience is and the content that's going to be most relevant to them. Are your target readers going to be stirred to action with an emotionally provoking, outrageous title? Or do they prefer something more muted and subtle?

· Competitive research. It's also a good idea to look at your top competitors. Are there any books currently in circulation like yours? If so, what kind of titles do they offer and how can you distinguish your title from theirs? This may also be a good starting point for new inspiration, though you shouldn't merely copy the titling tactics of your competitors.

· Reader surveys. Once you start narrowing down your list of possible titles, consider implementing reader surveys to see how your actual audience response to those titles. Do people prefer one title over another? Is there a specific type of titled that they like or don't like?

Hire a Graphic Designer

If you want your book to look as professional as possible, hire a graphic designer. A professional designer will be able to help you in several ways:

· Cover. People tell you not to judge a book by its cover, but most of us judge books by their covers anyway. Your potential customers aren't going to have time to read through your entire book, even if they're skimming it; instead, they're going to rely on the first impression that the cover gives them. Accordingly, you need to make sure your cover hits the mark.

· Illustrations. If your book can benefit from internal illustrations, consider working with a professional designer to master them.

· Page layouts. Page layout and typesetting are vital if you want people to feel like they're reading a professionally published book. Too often, self-published books stick out in a negative way simply because it's obvious they were designed by an amateur.

Feature Reviews and Testimonials

If you want your book to look even more impressive, consider featuring reviews and testimonials on the back of the book or on the inside covers. The more prestigious these reviews and testimonials are, the better; see if you can get some commentary from major review websites, prominent critics, or other influencers.

Order a Proof Copy

Before committing to a massive order, order a proof copy of your book. Your printer will send you a sample of how the book is going to look when following this printing process and your designs. Give it a thorough review before giving the final order.

Making your published book look more professional is going to take time and may require a financial investment. But these proactive steps are practically necessary if you want to make a good impression with your target audience and maximize your chances of success.

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