How To Create An E-Liquid Brand For Your Vape Business

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1 How To Create An E-Liquid Brand For Your Vape Business

E-liquid brands are no exception, as all great businesses begin with a simple and smart concept.

Perhaps you've already come up with a terrific idea and some interesting flavor combinations. Perhaps you know what the industry needs, but you're new to the game and don't have any business experience.

It's critical to figure out where you are in the product development process and to understand your constraints. You could be the best marketer on the planet, but if you can't make your e-liquid consistently, you'll fail miserably.

Everything you need to know about building your brand and selecting a liquid labs for manufacturing is included below:

Making progress on your idea.

Identifying holes in the vaping business or offering solutions to frequent client problems is a terrific way to stand out and get your e-liquid brand off the ground.

It's not as simple as you may assume to create and manufacture vape juice; there's a lot more to it than simply flavour and sales! Consider who will buy your products and what will set your brand apart from the competition.

Do you want to develop a low-cost line of 10ml nicotine salts to assist ex-smokers in quitting for good? Or are you going for a more upscale approach with unique new flavour concepts for the hobbyist shortfill market?

Working with a reputable manufacturer will alleviate the burden of making such important selections, especially if you're new to the sector.

With our abundance of expertise, experience, and state-of-the-art e-liquid manufacturing equipment, our team at Oceania can assist you in this early stage of growth.

They're offer guidance on vaping trends and walk you through the entire process, whether you need help naming your line, selecting e-liquid bottle sizes, or finalising flavour selection.

After you've developed your concept, you'll need to determine whether you want to use a white-labeling service or an OEM service.

They can provide both OEM and white-label e-liquid manufacturing services at liquid labs, but you should be aware of the fundamental distinctions before deciding which is the best option for you and your business.

So let's get started.

The dish's formula

Choosing the correct recipe is, without a doubt, the most crucial component and the first step in developing a new electronic cigarette product. The taste impressions of the recipients are, after all, determined by the flavour composition, a given blend of fragrances, and the suitable PG/VG ratio.

E-juice recipe creation

Creating an e-liquid formula with the appropriate features is not a problem for conscientious vapers and those who are knowledgeable about the vape industry. Even vaping newbies may utilise internet calculators and converters to make the perfect vape juice. Customers frequently come up with unique cooking ideas.

Professionals in the vaping sector also provide freelance services such as recipe creation and fragrance note selection. The possibilities for recipe formulation are endless, and e-liquid manufacturers can afford to come up with even bolder and more sophisticated recipes. flavor combinations because of the large selection of concentrated flavourings available. Classics connoisseurs will find it simple to choose from a large range of flavouring concentrates for e-liquids manufacture available on the market renowned and proven, yet powerful flavours. For example, you can easily construct a flavor note of your favourite childhood dish and pour it into an e-liquid bottle nowadays.


The most important thing to remember while making a dish is to use the appropriate ingredients. The end user's taste experiences are determined by the raw ingredients used, as well as whether or not the product meets the legal standards to be sold. The vape industry is a rapidly growing industry with readily available raw materials for making e-liquids. However, you should avoid purchasing raw materials from unknown sources because they may contain compounds that are illegal in Australia and many other western countries. Each E-liquid must undergo expert laboratory tests and registration in accordance with TPD regulations (Tobacco Product Directive). Products containing prohibited ingredients are not only prohibited from being sold, but they can also be fatal to vapers' health. That is why it is critical to select high-quality ingredients from reputable suppliers. Each raw material shall be certified, and the manufacturer should give the composition of each product for TPD registration purposes after signing a confidentiality agreement. Pharmaceutical-grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are required for production. Furthermore, concentrates and additives should always fully comply with TPD regulation, which governs and establishes safety criteria for the manufacture and marketing of electronic cigarettes. If you wish to see a list of TPD-compliant flavourings and additives.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

2 How To Create An E-Liquid Brand For Your Vape Business

Oceania liquid laboratories has unparalleled OEM production experience in the e-liquids sector. Precision, involvement, and adaptability are essential in providing a service that is ideally matched to our customers' demands. We're a professional, seasoned OEM E liquid manufacturing firm with the tools and know-how to build innovative, fail-safe enterprises from the ground up. They can also create custom e-liquids for your company, starting with flavour development and ending with labeling, packaging, and certificates, and deliver them right to your door — anywhere in the globe. You may keep a close eye on the entire procedure.

White Label

If coming up with new e-liquid recipes isn't your cup of tea, hire someone to do it for you! On the internet, white-label services in the e-cigarette sector abound. In other words, the company creates its own items and labels them with a new brand developed by its clients to give them a second life. The advantage of this approach is that it uses an established manufacturer. They provide their market knowledge and the know-how required to launch a new product. Furthermore, if you choose Oceania Liquid Labs' white label service, you may rest assured that you will be in full compliance with the TPD. Customers who rely on our expertise save time and money on laboratory testing. TPD registration procedures are simplified compared to those for items whose recipes were developed from scratch. In Australia, Oceania has developed and TPD-registered a large selection of e-liquids. With our White Label service, you can take advantage of our large selection of top-selling e-liquids and label them with your own brand without the hassles or costs associated with TPD compliance.

Key benefits include:

• The quickest way to register your product

• Money-saving ideas:

• There is no need to pay for laboratory testing or other TPD paperwork.

• The TPD registration process is provided as a free service (They will do all the paperwork for you).

Package Design

Aside from the recipe itself, the packaging design is also important. You should be aware that before a potential consumer examines the contents of a package, the packaging is the first thing that catches their attention. Overall, the packaging should reflect the correct personality of the line you're launching. It's worth evaluating who our product is aimed at and what values it brings with it at this point. Will it be a line of basic flavours aimed at the mass market? Maybe you want to start your own premix brand? You should also consider the functional factors in addition to the aesthetic values. To put it another way, the packaging, like the e-liquid composition, must match the TPD directive's standards, otherwise the new product may not be certified. Warnings, pictograms, and even proper text placement on the label and in the unit box are all required by the TPD for product packaging.

Registration with the TPD

To debut a new line of e-liquids on the market, determining the recipe details and packaging design is insufficient. All nicotine-containing e-liquids must be laboratory tested and registered in the nation where they will be marketed, according to the TPD (Tobacco Product Directive). E-liquid emission tests (also known as vapour testing) are used in laboratories to detect any harmful or forbidden compounds, such as heavy metals or carcinogenic substances. They can be confident that all legally available e-liquids on the Australian market do not contain the above-mentioned ingredients, making them safer for end users. Finding the correct laboratory to conduct emission tests and TPD product registration is a time-consuming and difficult process. Fortunately, several companies assist their business partners in navigating this process. Oceania has conducted hundreds of laboratory tests and TPD product registrations in Australia. They provide a full range of TPD product registration services, including counseling throughout the procedure and post-registration customer service. Our TPD compliance experts will assist you in identifying any gaps in your product and ensuring that it complies with all regulations. We've handled hundreds of TPD notices and can assist you with registering your products across Australia.

Promotion of a product

Finally, keep in mind that a fantastic product deserves a fantastic promotion. It's not easy to promote a new product on the market, but there are tried-and-true tactics that will help the rest of the world learn about your brand and increase your sales. Sending out free samples to potential clients is an excellent way to market a new e-cigarette product. Taste is, after all, the most important component in advertising e-liquids. Allow potential buyers to see how good a product is before they buy it. Social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram, is another way to reach out to potential clients. Due to the large number of social media users, they should not be overlooked when launching new products to the market, as well as in well-established organisations with well-known offers. Remember to inquire about your sample recipients' reactions to your new product. Consumer feedback is critical since it allows you to track customer expectations and make any necessary changes or improvements to your project. Trade fairs held in various nations throughout the world are probably the ideal venue to share thoughts on products and promotions.

The vaping industry is one of the most promising. It is expected to be valued at $61.4 billion. It stands to reason that entrepreneurs, both new and established, would want a piece of this lucrative industry and would be interested in learning about how the vape wholesale supplies & distribution channel work in order to get a piece of this lucrative market.

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