The Metaverse Is Taking Over Gaming As We Know It

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  • 8 Jun, 2022  |
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1 The Metaverse Is Taking Over Gaming As We Know It

While gaming and its tech foot forward, has always been ever-growing and ahead of its time for certain pioneering organisations, the immersive digital metaverse experience is weaving its way into all gaming brands looking to adopt their platforms above and beyond. While the metaverse is still quite the ambiguous term for many to grasp, that does not mean it is not already changing the boundaries of gaming as we know. However, it is at a gradual pace (for now), and it is still important that we acknowledge the changes that are coming to pass.

For example, CSGO, which has a prominent online gaming community, has now adopted the metaverse into its marketplace, meaning that gamers can shop and trade skins, with the entire retail virtual experience that is desired. With that, a gambling platform also provides the opportunity to gamble and trade these skins, which players have a more virtual hands-on user experience with. You can see how the metaverse is truly contributing to the reality and overall experience that comes with gaming.

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With many pioneers in the tech space, such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, commenting on how the virtual environment is a place that will be prominent on all social and communicative spaces, the virtual environments in gaming are to be tested and pushed every single day. This means that industries are still very unaware of what it will be like from an investment standpoint and how to navigate such concepts that are very immature as of now. With the metaverse, you can embody pretty much anything that can be manifested. If you can think of it, it can pretty much happen- it is as simple as that.

With the gaming industry trying to move full steam ahead and conceptualise the new boundaries for their built-up communities, two heavyweight gaming platforms are showing the standard of what the metaverse could actually look like moving forward. For example, Fortnite, a gaming environment that needs no introduction, had a virtual concert just recently, over the metaverse. With a total of 12 million in attendance, this collaboration saw new climbs and introductions in the virtual space. There were actual shared environments where attendees could socially interact and congregate with their connections online, but also be a part of the immersive narrative and story that was to occur on this day. Some tickets for this experience sold up at an astonishing $800, and with that came actual hand-on experiences that not all ticket holders could boast and account for. So, essentially this truly set the stage and bar for what other establishments in the gaming space are working toward.

Other competing gaming markets such as CSGO and Roblox and Axie Infinity are well underway when it comes to coming up with ways of adopting the metaverse into their player experience. Live shows and viewings for the Axie marketplace have also been introduced and managed to show impeccable numbers in regard to iterating the customer retail experience but online. It would seem gamers are appreciating the real-time interaction that enables them to own assets within the game virtually, especially when we integrate blockchain and the tangible items that can be introduced there. Everything has become possible in a matter of months.

It would appear that gamers are fully on standby waiting to invest and engage with the metaverse on gaming platforms as it evolves. It is important that gamers understand that the evolution of this, is now totally unmeasurable. That is what makes this so intriguing and exciting to witness. There are practically no bounds to what can be adopted, as well as who and what could be integrated into a player’s day-to-day experience. With additional emerging technologies like 5G too, this would mean gamers can practically be on the go with their metaverse gaming experience, just from handheld devices.

While there are yet so many big advancements and tech gadgets that would need to accommodate for this expansion, the wider adoption is inevitable. A gaming entity's standing and potential for the future is completely dependent on the boundaries of now and what they are wishing to push forward. Yes, at a foundational level, the technology is still emerging and doesn’t exist as of yet, but there is a literal race to see who can get in the big profound anchors to stabilise this new economy for the future.